Denzel Washington Opens Up About His New Film 'Fences'

The actor also talks about his night at the Golden Globes.
4:45 | 01/12/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Denzel Washington Opens Up About His New Film 'Fences'
My daddy was good looking and would say do I look as good as Denzel Washington? I would go, daddy, yes, you do. You most certainly do. Mwah. Welcome. Thank you. All right. Good to have you here. That's a heck of an intro. Something we all appear to do. Look like Denzel Washington and speaking of him, here he is. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for having me. You are an oscar-winning actor. You direct and you star in a new movie "Fences" opposite Viola Davis who took a little moment in out of her golden globe speech to thank you and let's take a look at that. You know, I'm a friend and a fan. Thank you for being an extraordinary leader, great actor, great director, thank you for saying trust me and remember the love. I mean, it really she wins a golden globe for "Fences," she thanks you, but we caught a moment on the red carpet with our cameras where she photo-bombed you and she did not notice. Oh, yeah, yeah. You directed her. I'm sure she paid more attention to you at that point. Right. You mean did I -- When the movie I'm pretty sure she was paying more attention than in -- Yes, she was. Yes, she was and rightfully so and she, you know, Viola is a brilliant, brilliant actor and this is, you know, there cops a time where an actor, actress meets a role of a lifetime and this is the case with Viola. And 15 years ago you directed her in "Antuan fisher" then you both won a Tony on Broadway for "Fences" and now this movie and -- Just keeping gun. Can you just like walk around with me and -- I'll just walk around. Exactly. You know he won it. This is Denzel. He won an Oscar. Then I'll act like, no, I can't talk now. What have you learned from her over the years of working with her that maybes her so special? Shoot. I -- A lot. All that. All of that. When she's just one of those rare actors and it's her turn now. It's her turn. You know, she's been good a long time but now everybody -- we've all caught up with her and she's getting the recognition she deserves and getting the rows she deserves? And you're one of those rare actors, as well. Thank you. And looking and watching fence finance I tell you, your character, boy -- You see yourself up there or your dad. You see yourself or you see someone who is like that but he's a tough guy to like. Uh-huh. How was that for you to play someone who was really a hard, tough -- I didn't look at him that way. He is brutally honest. When you listen to what he said about his own father and what his father did to him, you know, unfortunately, sometimes those negative things are passed down as well. The character who -- the guy who played your son in the movie said when he found out he was going to act, you know, next to you, he was extremely nervous. Yeah. So I'm curious for you, is there anybody who makes you nervous or who made you nervous? No. No, maybe I just didn't let them know it. What made me excited made me wanted to make me ready, gene Hackman. I was like, that's Gene Hackman talking to me. We're doing the scene, gene Hackman, I'm in a scene with Gene Hackman. What do I say? Man, I want some popcorn. Man, you're good. You also said about this movie you couldn't have directed it if you didn't star in a play and why do you feel that way. Not if I didn't star -- I was actored to direct it first and then I did the play but because I did the play, I knew the role. Too big a role first of all to try to act and direct and produce and everything else at the same time but because I had done 114 performances and we had really good success on Broadway I felt confident with doing it on film in and one last question, your son Malcolm recently graduated from American film institute conservatory. If he were to direct a movie, if you were going to be in a movie with him what kind of director do you think he'd be and what kind of movie would it be, comedy, dramedy. I better have a good part. I would hope so. That's right or he ain't getting in the house. No, he's a very talented young filmmaker and, you know, I'd just be glad to be -- be in your son's movie. I tell you right now he has a great example. Thank you. Congratulations to Malcolm. Congratulations to you, "Fences."

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"The actor also talks about his night at the Golden Globes. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44724501","title":"Denzel Washington Opens Up About His New Film 'Fences'","url":"/GMA/video/denzel-washington-opens-film-fences-44724501"}