New Details in Murder of ABC Producer in Belize

FBI officials now say they believe more than one person may have been involved in the murder of Anne Swaney, a producer at WLS-TV, a local ABC-owned television station in Chicago.
3:37 | 01/27/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Details in Murder of ABC Producer in Belize
Back now with a new twist in the murder mystery. A TV producer killed while vacationing in Belize. More than one person may be involved. Linzie Janis has the details. Reporter: The FBI is assisting police in Belize and for the first time agents say they are looking for multiple suspects in the murder of our ABC colleague Anne Swaney. They are also hoping a cash reward will help them -- help lead them to her killers. This morning, the FBI asking for help, saying it now believes more than one person may be behind the mysterious murder of 39-year-old Anne Swaney, killed while she was vacationing at this tropical retreat in Belize. We believe that people, the public may have information about the suspect or suspects that committed this. Reporter: Swaney, an executive producer at our ABC station in Chicago, was found strangled to death floating in this river downstream from the recreation platform where she was last seen. But one year later and police in the Central American country are still trying to solve the brutal crime. Belize police say on the morning Swaney was murdered she volunteered to stay behind from a horseback riding excursion because there weren't enough horses for everyone. When the group later returned, they reportedly found her yoga mat and other belongings on the waterfront deck but saw no sign of her. At about 3:00 we realized she wasn't around and that's when we were alerted that her things were down at the yoga platform. Reporter: This week the FBI which is helping with the investigation announcing a $10,000 reward, hoping to convince locals to come forward with information. Swaney's friends and family say they are desperate for a break in the case. I want to know specifically why she didn't end up going on that horse ride. Why were they a horse short? We feel like it had to have been someone, we believe, someone there that knew her. Reporter: Friends and family say Swaney loved adventure travel and felt safe going to Belize because she had been there before. The FBI says they do have a few leads but think with the public's help they can finally solve this case. Robin. As you know, we hope that will be the case. ABC news consultant and former FBI special agent Brad Garrett joins us now and, Brad, it's been more than a year since this brutal killing. They're putting out the new information now. Can you explain why? Two reasons, robin. One is I think they're looking for additional leads, and I believe they have some leads they've developed and so they're looking for people to come forward to hopefully maybe better identify individuals of interest. And how does the FBI work with the Belize authorities? You know, it's a very informal relationship. The FBI have no authority in Belize, but offering a reward, traveling, I think they'll going to Guatemala to reinterview a guy in Belize at the time and just offering informal investigative suggestions, because, you know, it's a challenge for a country like Belize to work on a case that maybe is somewhat complicated. Tell us a little more about traveling to Belize. What should people be aware of? Well, Belize has a fairly high homicide rate per capita. Drugs are an issue there. But historically, robin, around the resorts where she was ultimately killed and others, crime is relatively low. All right, Brad, thank you very much. As always we are thinking of Anne and her many fans, friends and, of course, her family. Thank you, Brad. Michael.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"FBI officials now say they believe more than one person may have been involved in the murder of Anne Swaney, a producer at WLS-TV, a local ABC-owned television station in Chicago.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45084542","title":"New Details in Murder of ABC Producer in Belize","url":"/GMA/video/details-murder-abc-producer-belize-45084542"}