'Dick Van Dyke Show' Creator Remembers Mary Tyler Moore

In an interview with ABC News, show creator Carl Reiner looks back at casting the actress as Laura Petrie in "The Dick Van Dyke Show."
5:18 | 01/26/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dick Van Dyke Show' Creator Remembers Mary Tyler Moore
Casting Dick Van Dyke to play you my. Patrick McNamara brought the country disease via. Most talented man I ever met and when I haven't cast marry a part of roar. I I was up my wit's end I had. Audition. Literally 2327. Girls and I told channel eleven and our executive producers have. What I'm looking for I said on these girls seem to work. We sent one girl from New York and pay for health care and everything. And that and its convict and Denny Tom who's paying the bills we told about it that work out he said who was that girl. Who auditioned to play my daughter brought an always went the wrong way this grief and those who got the tilt. He says she had three names and hard she wasn't seen on television except for her legs on the rich in diamonds shall choose a secretary. And look that up and that was America award after the comment. Who was reluctant to audition because she had. Gone to two auditions that we can failed and she sits in what she walked into the room. And looked at those. That those eyes of the smile and those legs and writes that I founder. And I told show that I said I don't know what I'm looking forward you don't know oranges here. Well my hand became the claw them and that. And an arcade game you know where they call picks up candy I walk across the room with Mike cloud. Ethnic Pavano and I lifted there artist she throws on a constant. Live from. And let her down the the cargo to show them Levin's office the circular burgers and as I've found it's like it's and that's how we. We've owned and and got Mary Tyler Moore. Well with the parts thing you asked him to do when I sought. I'm on the C if you could talk so I gave her script and as a readable regal bin Hussein to read one line the first line. And heard this intelligent. Being heard a pain in the abortion and tell you enough space. That's it that's when I gripped. And it's that I did audition one line. It was a little. A nervous about the fact who is 23 and he was Thirtysomething. Who twelve your differences summit. And he was very worried about that and I said no written notes and nobody ever mentioned the fact that they were not a couple they were coupled with moment they. Kids to the first. In nova bank battle. She had never done comedy before she was actually a dancer and luckily we found that out because we use that tool in Belgrade's central Likud. But. She hadn't and didn't know she could do comity and as a matter of fact rumored first few shows. I've there was the in the script it was thing if you look who's he. She laughs funny or something I don't know who funny she's how do you do that. And prices. She's charming and I as the only time I Everett demonstrators demand led that'll. And but she came up with the all rob with. Our own little new signature on that at became a of Nicole Rowe well I was a father figure because she didn't have a good father. A father was a mother first what was nonalcoholic who died very early a father was a non commune and good man. Didn't how to talk. Meant a lot because I am I was a father at three children and they cool at a great mother figure and so. I knew about. What what people need to and they can't speak for news. She had a lot of a lot of pain and a life before she came to us and luck luckily she was a fighter she fought back. And made herself and through. The don't know. One of the first of women liberators some in the long winter it's the glorious find them and and those wonderful people. She with her show the Mary Tyler Moore showed the equality of woman and with men and she was. An icon for. Women all over the world but I board about a from the very beginning that people agreed trying to steal away for Broadway or. From films and which you got our own show. I know who veterans from them when I saw that first opening even that are just going through the streets in. Looking for like a real person but a solid real woman who knew we'll place in the world. We knew we were all free Saturday night was night and nobody didn't watch the Mary more true. I think she'll be equated along with over great women. Whom. Fought for the equality of women. She was that the shelved it is Mary Tyler Moore showed. And there's no question about it she was the first single working woman who set the template. For all women who aspire to and a lot of women not only aspired to it would accomplish that. And so they. Temper that to her I'm sure she was very beautiful person. Inside and outside. You could look at her feet just that there approaches in the book just look at if they.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"In an interview with ABC News, show creator Carl Reiner looks back at casting the actress as Laura Petrie in \"The Dick Van Dyke Show.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45065694","title":"'Dick Van Dyke Show' Creator Remembers Mary Tyler Moore","url":"/GMA/video/dick-van-dyke-show-creator-remembers-mary-tyler-45065694"}