One Direction Answers Fan Questions

Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson answer fun questions from the fan-filled audience.
4:17 | 11/18/15

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Transcript for One Direction Answers Fan Questions
The audience is nick the chalet he adds. A micron and is going out Europe and their yes he's you have your fan does nice job nice jobs was in at about here with the crowd obviously you loved every second of it. Ladies and gentlemen I want you realize how rare opportunity this is that you get to ask these guys questions about williams' spot. What have you always been dying to ask the gentleman one direction this is your moment it's your opportunity go. Lets you guys as they recite you've ever release ever. Well good question blocked Hughes from its quest to favorite song ever favorite song as for me I love history. I'm so I. And its recent book. To jump it. Yeah what are some adding he. Because I don't wanna give under the new ones Obama and Ali Khamenei. Meticulous and done some is that those. States although I'll. I think I don't think you can. Eight story. I love lands on movie. My favorite comic Nile cute. I do love that arm and state it's definitely favorite to the fall she's not afraid this. Mud about Harry. Many. Gordon down. In it's really hard not earning I mean it's just so catchy and Q. The album and have a. I was Heath Slocum. Guys I think obviously the female demographic makes up me a huge Barbie fan base but I cannot. Forget about the fellows that hear present tonight. So I want oh I want to give you guys the opportunity ask these guys that question inning on your mind. Pretty intimate coming to step on the toes anything. If you could be any color what would it be and bought tickets on. Incredibly deep and credit a little. A style and. It's not what color is your friends skate wound. Whom. For a man who can show. Are you from out of the do not knowing net and five. The ad and I guys target date. And deep red handed. The guy get a move back to the ladies I'm out of thin ballot questions get a they connect adding I think it's not even I was gonna be Bolivia on auto rental I don't know its settlement of one direction red typically muzzle be around them and let your favorite Christmas album. Favorite Chris common in the Christmas season relative favorite Christmas song its only what's and minorities. And white Christmas. Is you know you listen to boot Liz album every someplace like chestnuts roasting. Nominal can. Positive event in loans and and then anything is moved soon. Whether the highlighting get. Obviously got everything out pretty well. Is that ever something you consider this I'm that was in Littleton a sort of. Help is with us on duty in the brightness. The break what it what are your plans for the hiatus Orleans. Lives Lincoln two weeks at a Christmas album protestors stop I'm Bob going to be quick yes. Bonding we've done much to be honest we're a very good opponent in general. So I don't like parsley don't punish it takes time to relax you guys have been kind of nonstop affix that I cannot. The it is right that we got off to watch it on and it's just relax. If two men have been carrying special plants and I agree. Well I think yeah I think we've. We've worked alone and must is and which can tune in but to organize some minds yeah him. Social media we understand from the control room is going nuts we have a ton of questions Oreo we'll get to those later but the thing that a lot of people are talking about her Niles classes. And IC. God I say ten minutes now not well I think as accessory I think you international and FF diving units that I so does the Internap.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson answer fun questions from the fan-filled audience.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35268786","title":"One Direction Answers Fan Questions","url":"/GMA/video/direction-answers-fan-questions-35268786"}