Disaster at Utah 'Glacier Slide' Caught on Tape

Two men needed to be rescued by a climbing team and helicopter after sliding off a cliff.
2:05 | 07/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Disaster at Utah 'Glacier Slide' Caught on Tape
We're going to turn to the dramatic video of a so-called glacier slide that goes terribly wrong. What was supposed to be fun turns dangerous. You hear the two young men falling under a glacier. All of it caught on camera. And ABC's Neal Karlinsky has the pictures. Reporter: 21-year-old Devon Fister, living a moment of crisis with a gopro camera on him, atop a steep glaser in Utah. Down below, his long-time friend, Randall Reese, bodily hurt while sliding down on his back. When suddenly, watch closely. Stop yourself,boro. . Reporter: His friend, Aaron, slides out of control, too, tumbling after going over a 15-foot cliff. Are you okay? Call an ambulance. Reporter: Spread out across the glacier, now two are badly hurt. When Devon reaches Randall down below, he seems dazed. What did you hit? Reporter: Devon gives him the t-shirt off his back to keep warm. Call the medevac. And a friend over the cliff? Yeah. There's like a thing of snow. And he slid down the snow. And he couldn't stop. Reporter: Along with three other friends, the three men made what now seems the incredibly foolish choice to slide down this steep, snowy cliff last week, figuring it would be a fun, fast ride. Good times. Reporter: The first few runs went fine. Just barely. That is not safe. I was definitely scared. I didn't think I was going to stop. So, it's pretty frightening. Reporter: Randall broke his speak bone and needed 25 stitches to his face and ankle. Aaron was banged up with a sprained ankle but nothing broken. They were eventually rescued by a climbing team and helicopter, after spending most of the night on the mountain. Devon by their side, the whole time. I think if he wouldn't have been there, things would have been a lot different. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Neal Karlinsky, ABC news, Seattle. We're glad the whole thing ended well. Nobody, try that at home. Very true.

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{"id":24376466,"title":"Disaster at Utah 'Glacier Slide' Caught on Tape","duration":"2:05","description":"Two men needed to be rescued by a climbing team and helicopter after sliding off a cliff.","url":"/GMA/video/disaster-utah-glacier-slide-caught-tape-24376466","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}