What New Documentary Reveals About JFK Jr.

John F. Kennedy Jr.'s close friend RoseMarie Terenzio tells "GMA" what the documentary "I Am JFK Jr." reveals about Kennedy's personal side.
3:25 | 08/01/16

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Transcript for What New Documentary Reveals About JFK Jr.
Now to a "Gma" exclusive. John F. Kennedy jr.'s closest friends are revealing what he was like out of the spotlight. A beautiful new dork. "I am JFK Jr." He was able to deal when people recognized him. I like that reserved thing about him and easy to relate to. Tentacle, love reaches out from the grave. It's still here now. Joining us now Rosemarie terenzio, the executive producer of the documentary. She was JFK's friend and wrote "Fairy tale interrupted." Great to see you again. Thanks, great to see you too. I haven't had a chance to see it yet but to introduce him to a new generation. Young people who don't realize who he was. He -- we lost him at 38 years old and I think if he knew that he would want to be remembered. And it's important for young people to know his place in history. Absolutely. And some close friends, we see the list of people who are a part of it. What are we going to learn, those of us who do know john-john. He'll always be john-john to me? One of the most surprising thing the eclectic group of people he associated with from Ann Coulter, Mike Tyson, Cindy Crawford, Robert de Niro, you know, it's a group you wouldn't expect to be associated with him and he just had an amazing way of relating to so many people in so many different ways. And he was so approachable and attracted people. So disarming. So disarming. I hear he had quite a sense of humor. He would play with your phone. Oh, he used to answer the phone and say, "George" magazine. Is John in. He'd say, who is calling and he'd say this is John. No, it's not and then hang up. He loved it. He loved the joke. Always practical joking around the office but he loved answering the phone. Must have seen just all different sides of him working with him like that. What, Rosemarie, do you want people to come away after watching this. I think the lesson you get from this from John it's more important to be good than it is to be great. I love that. A tribute to a good man. What do you miss most about him. Oh, so much but I think his wisdom. I mean there's so many things especially in the political climate that I would love to get his opinion on and know what he would think and what he would do and how he would cover all of this in "George" magazine. Speaking of "George" magazine, somebody that influrnsed him or I shouldn't say influenced him that he -- help me out here. George stephanopoulos was sort of the colonel for the idea that became "George" magazine. Come on. No, at the time George was, you know, this young interesting guy who was in the middle of the political -- Why do you say was. He still is an interesting guy. He is but at that thyme in the political pop culture realm George was the guy, you know, he was right there with the president and he was so young and breerp all so jealous. So John Jr. Was influenced by him. Yes, he saw that piece of politics and pop culture merging at that point. Well, thank you very much. Now we are not going to be able to live with George and take claim -- Named after him. We'll leave it at that. Rosemarie, always a pleasure. Thank you very much. Thanks for your love and devotion and "JFK Jr." Airs tonight on spike TV.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"John F. Kennedy Jr.'s close friend RoseMarie Terenzio tells \"GMA\" what the documentary \"I Am JFK Jr.\" reveals about Kennedy's personal side.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41036632","title":"What New Documentary Reveals About JFK Jr.","url":"/GMA/video/documentary-reveals-jfk-jr-41036632"}