Duchess Kate and Prince William to Head for India

The royal couple's fourth royal tour will take them to India and Bhutan.
2:04 | 04/08/16

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Transcript for Duchess Kate and Prince William to Head for India
All right, guy, now to the royal couple on a tri of a lifetime. Prince William and Kate setting off to India this weekend leaving Charlotte and George at home for the very first time and reminding us all of princess Diana's journey there and ABC's lama Hasan has the details. Reporter: All eyes will be on prince William and Kate this weekend as they head to India and Bhutan for a week-long trip leaving their two young children, prince George and princess Charlotte at home. The first time Kate has been away from Charlotte for any length of time. I think they're really going to miss them. Reporter: On tap for the royal couple an evening with bollywood stars and up-close look at the world's largest population of endangered rhinoceroses and trip to the stunning taj Mahal. For royal watchers, the trip will undoubtedly EE joke memories of William's mother, the late princess Diana famously photographed in front of the taj Mahal in 1992. William and Kate going there is bringing back all those memories of his mother. He's really looking forward to visit that place where he said in his own words his mother's memory is kept alive. Reporter: On Wednesday Kate gave a preview of the sorts of designs she's expected to don throughout the trip sporting a dress by Indian designer have saloni. It sold out mere hours after the duchess was seen wearing it. She's taking more than 30 outfits, we believe. We're going to see her choose designers to pay tribute to her host. It's possible she may also wear the emerald choker which was a popular piece of jewelry with princess Diana originally from India India. During their five years of marriage they've journeyed to the U.S., Canada, Singapore and in 2014 they famously trekked to Australia and New Zealand with a young prince George in tow. This time no young prince but royal insiders say there will certainly be plenty of colorful moments to go around. For "Good morning America," lama Hasan, ABC news, London. Our thanks to lama. So much to look forward to there.

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"The royal couple's fourth royal tour will take them to India and Bhutan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38241091","title":"Duchess Kate and Prince William to Head for India","url":"/GMA/video/duchess-kate-prince-william-head-india-38241091"}