Duggar Daughters Reveal the Secret to 'Growing Up Duggar'

Stars of the hit TLC show "19 Kids and Counting" share never-before-told tales of the Duggar clan.
3:00 | 03/11/14

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Transcript for Duggar Daughters Reveal the Secret to 'Growing Up Duggar'
We are joined by the stars of "19 kids and counting." And here they are, the Duggar clan. The four eldest daughters though, jinger, jesse, joy-anna and Josie. "Growing up Duggar." All about relationships and girls, I think that is so troy, especially in your case. I love how honest you are and you talk about really things we can all use like the way your dad, Jim bob and mom Michelle raised you. The obedience game. Will one you share how that worked and how it has gone from childhood to your adult life? It was really fun when we were little they would teach us to be obedient, you know, building good character by telling one of us, you know, go touch the boy's bed and run and go touch the front door and come back and then now like it just -- it's just a little way and they still do it with the little kids but it's a fun way for them to learn good character and quick obedience, you know, if it's not instant it's not obedience at all and plays over into other areas. It sort of was like Simon says. Yeah. Where you didn't even realize it. How do you think that's helped develop your character as women? I think it's really just like overall the character our parents have instilled innous from the time we were little. You know, playing with toys and a quarrel or something they work it out right then and try not to let things build up. Everything is around character so we're learning kindness and patience and self-control and all those type of things and memorize definitions for each of those and practice with our siblings to build strong relationships there. And it is all about relationships. You young ladies are now of the age, you know, and you're very honest about dating and how it works in your world and courting. Will you share with us? Well, courtship is the new season. And, yes, it's exciting. You're living it right now. Yeah, I am. Congratulations. We call it dating with a purpose and so not just like little frivolous like here and there. Really considering the person as a potential life partner and so, yeah, very exciting. And jinxer, yjinger, you get the guys involved. You rely on the boys. They always like to check him out and make sure the young man has character and that he's going to treat us with respect. That's something we talk about in the book and the chapter about guys is what we're looking for, you know and things that we want to -- we rant to look at not just, oh, he's a cute guy but see the heart, is he going to be a good father? Is he slow to anger. Things like that and have a list in there that kind of helps girls really think deeper than just the surface. Yeah I love too when you talk about how you all get along, the buddy system in a family. I think it's a really beautiful thing. Sort of going, okay, I got you because that's a metaphor for life having each other's back. Yeah, one of each. Best friend as well so that's something that we have done ever since we were little and so buddy system helps especially when we're out and there's like little ones just teeming up or one big team, family team. And also there's a really nice story about laughing with each other and not at each other. Uh-huh. Wouldn't that be nice if we all did that. We're not perfect, though. Yeah. Is there anything that you're not perfect at because you do open up -- you're pretty honest about, you know, you are -- your core values are clearly so intact but you're real. We are. You know, you've been honest, Michele, mom, you talked about your struggle with bulimia. What do you hope readers get out of sharing that information. The girls and I talked about that and realized that everybody has their struggles in life, and whenever we are able to overcome those struggles with god's help I think we want to encourage others in that endeavor to hopefully be able to be a source of help because we like we said we're not a perfect family, we have -- Pretty perfect, though. This is pretty amazing. I mean, unbelievably well behaved and such a pleasure. I hope you've enjoyed social square. Yes, very much. Yes. A lot of our viewers checking in, Jim bob and Michelle, new seasons about to start. We all know "19 kids and counting," so are we still counting? Yes. In different ways I think we're excited. We would love to have more children but we're waiting and see. I guess we'll have to check in at the next season. Wow. That is a tease, everybody. April 1st. Your new book -- "Growing up Duggar." Now you ladies did this on your own. Congratulations. Thank you. It's all about relationships. It's in stores and the new season, April 1st. Thank you all.

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{"id":22859728,"title":"Duggar Daughters Reveal the Secret to 'Growing Up Duggar'","duration":"3:00","description":"Stars of the hit TLC show \"19 Kids and Counting\" share never-before-told tales of the Duggar clan.","url":"/GMA/video/duggar-daughters-reveal-secret-growing-duggar-22859728","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}