Eat It to Beat It: Sugar Shockers

Author Dave Zinczenko shares the best low-sugar options at your favorite restaurants.
3:00 | 03/21/14

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Transcript for Eat It to Beat It: Sugar Shockers
Time now to eat it to beat it and that warning from the world health organization that Americans need to cut their sugar intake in half and here to help us uncover some surprising sources of sugar in our everyday foods is ABC news nutrition and wellness editor and author of the book "Eat it to beat it" Dave zinczenko. Thanks for being with us. So how bad is America's sugar addiction? Look at the wheelbarrow, we're talking about 190 pounds of sugar that in some cases we're eating in it. It's so bad cap'n crunch got promoted to admiral crunch. Not having soda for breakfast and not eating skittles but there's sugar in things you don't realize. In every pasta sauce, smooth smoothie, even in Turkey. If you can eat to beat sugar, you're eating to beat diabetes, heart disease and, of course, weight gain. Pound, yes. So let's start with subway. Here we are. We good the sweet onion chicken teriyaki, 532 calories, 32 grams of sugar. How bad is that? Let's look at an equivalent with Rachel. Bring it on in. This is the equivalent of all of these chocolate chip pancakes right here. That looks healthy I'd rather have this. Teriyaki glaze. Glaze sauce, that means sugary. Instead of that what should we get? Have right here the oven roasted chicken, you're shave ING four teaspoons of sugar just by making this simple swap. Fantastic. All right. And, again, looking at a salad. That looks very healthy to me. Uno pizza and grill. A chopped power salad. We should count it the power down salad because you'll get hit with sleep mode as soon as the sugar rush passes, 51 grams of sugar. The equivalent of that. We're talking about five chocolate croissants. Where is the sugar in there, though? It's in the dressing, it's in everything. Okay. So instead what should we order? Instead when you're there, just get the simple garden salad with chopped chicken -- It looks healthier but I would have ordered that without realizing. If you did you would be getting an extra 11 teaspoons of sugar. Incredible. I can't believe that. Wait, it's about to get worse. What do we have here? So now -- Mo. This is the mango banana smoothie. 880 calories. Ooh. But it's 192 grams of sugar. It's almost 50 packets of sugar. Are you kidding me? 48 teaspoons of sugar we just had up there. Your sweet tooth turned into sweet fangs. And people will have a meal too. Smoothie, has to be healthy right. It's the equivalent of 42 oreos and sugar calories you drink are consumed faster by your body. Is it wrong I want to eat an oreo. Go for a small cup of your favorite ice cream, in this case the chocolate chip cookie dough. It's just 19 grams of sugar. That looks great. So you are saving, guys -- How many? 43 teaspoons of sugar. By the way with all of these foods you have big Numbers about how much we're going to save, 58 teaspoons of sugar in a day. Almost a thousand sugar calories and 21 thousand 121, 170 teaspoons of sugar a year. With simple changes. 98 pounds of body fat. Sugar turns to fat at the end of the day, that's what we're talking about. Hits the bloodstream quickly converted to fat quickly. Thank you from saving us from ourselves. We reached out to all the restaurants. They say as David did show us they offer a variety of options so customers can make informed choices that David helps us pick. I wouldn't know. In every case we stayed inside the restaurant so you don't have to leave. Just make the healthier option. Thank you, Dave zinczenko. Coming up and speaking of

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Author Dave Zinczenko shares the best low-sugar options at your favorite restaurants. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23002090","title":"Eat It to Beat It: Sugar Shockers","url":"/GMA/video/eat-beat-sugar-shockers-23002090"}