Eat This, Not That Today

ABC News Health and Wellness Editor David Zinczenko shares Christmas food nutrition tips.
3:27 | 12/25/14

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Transcript for Eat This, Not That Today
That looks so funny. Millions of Americans pack on pounds in the holiday season. It's part of the deal. If you gain a little weight during the holidays, you will have a tough time losing it. I'm the bearer of bad news on this Christmas morning. But we have tips from this guy. This is our eat this, not that holiday survival guide with Dave zinczenko, director of -- tell me your titles? Nutritional wellness, ABC news -- Eat this, not that. And that's what we're talking about. Eating this, not that. Talk about the apps. Always around. We can make them less sinful. This is a Christmas classic. Spinach art choke dip, it gets high jacked by full-fat may owe. We're going with olive-oil based mayonnaise. This is going to cut the calories and fat in half. And the taste? You can almost go back for seconds because everything's cut in half. And here's a great tip. Use a plate and make sure you don't stand there getting involved in mindless eating. You're going to eat fewer calories than if you're standing there. Doll lop of the dip, a lot of the individual veggies. Portion it out. Don't pile up the plate. You must know me. And this is one of the cull commit plits. Half day's worth of saturated fat. It's ald Monday milk. 30 ounces, eight ounces. And you're going to save 200 calories and culture the saturated fat in half. And here's a great tip. You are going to go for bubbles. Clear drinks like champagne because you're not going -- Always. Unless you're on the cast of real housewives, then you might guzzle it. And watch out for mixed drinks. Tonic has as much sugar as a can of soda. And then lasagne, they are healthy, well, not healthy, but feel good to eat. This is the go-to Christmas dinner. Here what we're swarping out is the mozzarella and the fatty ground beef. Sounds like the good stuff. This is ricotta cheese. Love ricotta. And chicken sausage. From 800 calories down to the low 400. No chopped meat. No -- there is meat. But instead of. I love the chicken sausage. Sit at the table. Don't go to the couch. You're going to do mindless eating again. Eat as a family. Studies show you're going to eat less. All right. And hopefully not because you're dying to get out of there. And now dessert. Dessert. You have pecan pie, apple pie. Pecan pie, over 800 calories a slice with ice cream. You're nuts if you eat it. Have apple slices. You can have two slices. You don't need to. Yes. You are going to save 400 calories and plenty of fat. Stay away from the pecan pie. Don't go nuts. I love the things you do. So good. Saving calories, just buy apple. These are great tips. You are the best. Merry Christmas to you, my friend. Check out and we'll be right back with a special performance from Tony

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"ABC News Health and Wellness Editor David Zinczenko shares Christmas food nutrition tips.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27827079","title":"Eat This, Not That Today","url":"/GMA/video/eat-today-27827079"}