Ed Westwick Dishes on 'Wicked City'

The "Gossip Girl" heartthrob is back on TV with a new primetime thriller.
3:30 | 10/22/15

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Transcript for Ed Westwick Dishes on 'Wicked City'
Amy, everybody's favorite "Gossip girl" bad boy is coming back to TV. So happy he's coming to ABC. Ed westwick is the star of ABC's new prime time thriller called "Wicked city." And he's still stealing hearts but this time ed has a little bit of an edge. Take a look. There's something I want to show you that I think you'll like. It'll be a party. Just tell them you're sick and you got to go home. God, I wish but, you know, I have my patients. I thought we had a real connection. What? We do. Please, understand -- Understand? How about understand me. What about my needs? Joining us now is ed westwick, we just got a little glimpse and we also brought you proper English tea. I feel very at home. Very at home. I think my mother has the exact same set. Well, cheers to you. Cheers to -- Cups but -- Is that totally -- I would be thrown out of the united Kingdom. I don't know about thrown out. Okay, good. It's your favorite, earl gray. Needs a little milk in that. While you're preparing your tea tell us a little about what drew you to the part. It's quite a departure from your character on "Gossip girl." "Gossip girl," yeah, no, it's very different. For me from the get-go to give you a bit of background it's 1982 on the sunset strip and playing a serial killer. It's a departure from my Normal life you're happy to know but complete page turner from the get-go. Something I was just like wow, is this actually happening. Edgy, out there. The character is so multilayered so it was a real challenge of a part. So all of those things brought me into it. What do you think it is, ed? Let's have a therapy session. You were a bad boy on "Gossip girl." You were a very bad boy in this show. I don't think it's bad boy. This guy is a straight out monster, you know, but so it's very different from being a bad boy but as I said there's a lot more to just being a serial killer and a monster that he appears to be. A lot more. Tune in and you'll -- You'll be shocked and ed and I were saying we've been given strict instruction not to talk about your character. These secrets have to be fun to play as an actor. Well, that's it. I mean as I said, you know, from the get-go it was a page turner and something I knew was going to be a real challenge and adventure, so there's a lot going on. I mean, it's one of those things that is going to keep you on your toe. And "Gossip girl" fans probably know that Chace Crawford is also on an ABC show. How is that. Network buddies. I think he's having a great time doing "Blood & oil" so wonderful to see him doing that. I feel great. How did you learn the American accent? Did you watch TV? I always cracked a joke that I used to watch too much "Fresh Palestinians" and based it on Carlton banks. Ki hear your best Carlton? ? It's not unusual ? wow. And I don't know if that merits that but -- Thank you, fonzie, our stage manager for that. The one guy. But, no, it's something that I work out and one -- Can you do a New York accent. From New York. I like it. And from Long Island. I can do that. I'm back in. Listen, we're so happy to see you back on TV. Thank you so much. On a show called "Wicked city" on ABC premiering next Tuesday at 10:00, 9:00 central. We'll enjoy our tea right here on ABC, ginger, you bring us the

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"The \"Gossip Girl\" heartthrob is back on TV with a new primetime thriller.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34648256","title":"Ed Westwick Dishes on 'Wicked City'","url":"/GMA/video/ed-westwick-dishes-wicked-city-34648256"}