Emeril Whips Up Holiday Classics for Your Family Table

TV chef creates delicious treats with classic Christmas twists.
3:00 | 12/25/13

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Transcript for Emeril Whips Up Holiday Classics for Your Family Table
Thank you. You know, merry christmas. It's well-deserved. This french toast, we are ready to go. All right. Here we go. We're going to start with the strawberry sauce first. We have strawberries in a sauce pan, josh. A little nutmeg. Yeah. And cinnamon. You can hand me that sugar right there. Cinnamon, sugar. And a little h20. And light corn syrup. That's good. And in it goes. A little spatula right there, if you need it. Medium heat. And it's just going to start bubbles and simmering. Nothing crazy. Okay? You can use any fruit you want. How long did you -- maybe 10 to 15 minutes. Okay. Now, the french toast itself, we have eggs. You can whisk that for me. Robin? Whisker? I love whisking. Robin's the whisker. A little vanilla. Right in the eggs? Right in the eggs. The vanilla. And here it comes. A little milk. Yes. Oh. You can -- that vanilla, really -- yes. A little sugar. You want it to dissolve. And then, cocoa powder. That's what's going to make it -- the chocolate. Yeah. Once that gets all incorporated, what we're going to do is take whatever french bread, italian bread, portuguese bread, whatever you have. Once robin has that whisked, we're going to soak a few pieces like this. How long? Let it really absorb. That's the key to them. As robin just said, that's the key to a great french toast. Let them get wet. Once they get wet, we go inside the skillet, with a little butter. And away we go. Nice and hot, the skillet? Yeah. Not too hot. What happens now, is this. Once the french toast is done -- so, we'll give -- I'll take some. George? Thank you. And -- looks good. Okay. Just a couple things we could do. Lara. Thank you. Thanks, em. There's a couple of things we could do. We could use a little powdered sugar. And sprinkle a little powdered sugar on it. We can do the strawberry sauce that we heated on that. So, we got a little strawberry sauce. And/or we could also, on the pancakes -- lara, would you drizzle that on the pancakes for me? The gingerbread pancakes. Gingerbread. We made gingerbread batter. You beat it up. You can make it the day before. And basically, from that point on, you bring it up, let it come up to temperature. And do it with a little ladle, in a nonstick skillet. Gingerbread pancakes. A little syrup and butter. If you want to go savory -- with the waffles. You can go a different direction. We have the chocolate french toast with the strawberry sauce. We have the gingerbread pancakes with butter and syrup. Or you can do ham and cheese waffles. Oh. So, we could go with savory. Go savory, right? Instead of the breakfast casserole? You know, that's great. We have a recipe for that, as well. That's a great idea. But ham and cheese waffles. Little pieces of ham and cheese. Once the waffle goes in the wafflemaker, you sprinkle that right there. Ooh, bam. Bam is right. Bam, merry christmas. Thank you, em. Absolutely. I do hope you're all, actually, cozied up to the tv right now. Food in hand. Whisk and spatula ready to go. Our thanks to you. And merry christmas. To find all of the recipes, logon right now and find even more seasonal recipes. On goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo!

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"TV chef creates delicious treats with classic Christmas twists.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21333674","title":"Emeril Whips Up Holiday Classics for Your Family Table","url":"/GMA/video/emeril-whips-holiday-classics-family-table-21333674"}