Fashion Trucks Hit the Streets in Style

Clothing boutiques on wheels are the latest shopping trend.
3:00 | 03/28/14

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Transcript for Fashion Trucks Hit the Streets in Style
I know you like to shop. It's the latest trend for fashionistas who are on the go, boutiques on wheels. Fashion shops just like food truck, fashion trucks bring you style practically to your doorstep. Rachel smith checked it out. Reporter: From the runway to the roadway, style savvy entrepreneurs are taking a cue from those wildly popular food trucks and high fashion coast to coast. It combines the convenience of online shopping and then you also can try these things on. I love it. So cute. In Los Angeles alone roving retail is picking up speed. Since its 2010 debut with 20 trucks with a smorgasbord of styles from vintage to edgy to the accessory hungry and pricing at typically under 100 bucks. Bam! Le fashion truck was l.a.'s truck. We saw the food trucks coming out, how good the crowd was responding to them it was almost like a natural progression. Reporter: Each has a specific style. A dress, a top. Reporter: But curbside appeal and convenience, that's a fashion fixer-up. What kind of clients pop inny. All types. It really just depends on the area I park in which is the benefit of having a truck. You can kind of go anywhere and I can reach all types of people. Reporter: Even a familiar face from ABC's "The view." Miss Sherri shepherd. Yes, she came into the truck. She went crazy. She bought almost every tile in her size. Reporter: How would you describe the style of your clothing? I would describe J.D. Luxe to be very edgy but very laid back, as well. We do live in California. So I think we have weigh only seen a little of what's to come and the reality is these people are definitely ahead of the curve. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Rachel smith, ABC news, Los Angeles. And we are with Jesse Goldenberg, owner of her fashion truck called nomad. I love this idea. Why do you think it Ames to so many customers? It's different. It's not something you see every day and it's an exciting new way to go shopping. It is and I think it's a conversation piece to be able to say, all right, I bought this off of a truck. Yeah, absolutely. Not everyone can say that every day so it's definitely unique. What do you think the biggest advantage of shopping in a major department store is. We offer a product major department stores don't and a fun way to buy those, intimate. We get to talking and have a fun time. It's intimate and filled with really cool stuff. Very well cult have aed. I love it. It's a great, great idea. I'll be here the rest of the show shopping.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Clothing boutiques on wheels are the latest shopping trend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23096572","title":"Fashion Trucks Hit the Streets in Style","url":"/GMA/video/fashion-trucks-hit-streets-style-23096572"}