'Fat Girl Dancing' Viral Video Star on 'No Body Shame'

Whitney Thore on her campaign to look at body image in a different way and shares some dance moves.
3:00 | 04/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Fat Girl Dancing' Viral Video Star on 'No Body Shame'
We have a special -- today. Whitney killer she's the star of maybe -- seen at the viral video series title -- dancing fat girl. Where she showed up not just -- -- that are positive attitude -- self confidence so let's give a GMA live warm welcome. -- -- -- Then again there you go yeah. Yeah. But could -- give you that they. -- -- my front seat explosion you know what it's totally OK let's really -- the -- owner of the new I'd like to get pregnant with a new look tackling his you actually doesn't her doesn't mean that net and regulation that would only for me some. Whitney you have -- -- whole campaign and no shame campaign gets called the nobody -- campaign. And so -- wonderful people when they see the videos whether initial reaction. Yeah what the initial reaction has been really positive and I've been really surprised. I think that the climate is changing I think we're going towards acceptance I feel like even two or three years ago. The -- would have been maybe 82 when he negative to positive and now I get thousands of messages from all over the world from people telling -- that changed their lives and it's it's inspiring to me it's surprising and it's wonderful that it's still amazing it's the -- it's the best feeling I mean. And I'm not just hearing from overweight women I mean -- nobody -- campaign. It reaches the entire spectrum of anyone dealing with shame so I recently got an email from Lebanon and a young a homosexual. May and you said that it's illegal to be -- there and I gave him hope. So I think like that you know that's incredible to me and and. For you when he started to see your videos a sort of explode on line I mean Washington. -- -- -- I was surprised it happened so fast that I knew very quickly I was getting emails from people and I'm one of ex Pussycat Dolls just contacted me and I really I looked at my dad and I said doubts something happening I don't. Happening an antibiotic and what's your deeds -- these are not amateur moves and now they're not I am professionally trained I can't -- that I was very young but I did quit dancing I -- eighteen because I gained 200 pounds in just over two years. I'm I was diagnosed poly cystic experience and -- out. -- -- changed overnight and I pretty much was paralyzed this change I quit dancing I quit living could be happy. And now almost a decade later I'm back in the game this has become -- to outgrow that that's the way and that is the perfect where it really is I just feel like. I'm living the way I was supposed to live and I'm not letting other people dictate what I'm allowed to do and I'm not telling. Yeah my body -- -- didn't give me permission to do a lot of things and now I just do what I can't. And I have fun doing it. And I love this sure if we could -- this it's no BS for nobody saying. Yeah anything -- to nobody shame dot com to see all about the campaign moves and move them yeah -- about there yeah. Cat. So when you that's condensed and you don't tell us and tell us absolutely let me take my trusting everybody out of -- them. I haven't when he didn't -- it was a quick little company are ahead yeah I'd have contact. We're not doing that hello yeah. -- OK we -- sort of -- -- never he never gonna -- lack of them right. That's -- yeah that's right yeah laughs yeah that's right crime -- that's right -- Latvia and well yeah. The look look I don't yeah. The mountain man. Yeah and I think that -- -- -- and yeah very. And that it -- get what you really. Well and then yeah. -- -- -- -- Yes I think you know big yeah wonderful thing about how do you think we don't have the -- that they did the dance ice you know. Send me that I had asked crossing and the -- -- -- -- Getting lucky so much for being here you on nobody named -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Whitney Thore on her campaign to look at body image in a different way and shares some dance moves.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23142499","title":" 'Fat Girl Dancing' Viral Video Star on 'No Body Shame'","url":"/GMA/video/fat-girl-dancing-youtube-video-star-whitney-thore-23142499"}