'Fed Up' With Sugar: Katie Couric Issues 10-Day Challenge

ABC News' Dan Harris took Couric's challenge and went 10 days with no sugar.
5:06 | 05/22/14

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Transcript for 'Fed Up' With Sugar: Katie Couric Issues 10-Day Challenge
Next up, Katie couric's fed-up, no sugar challenge. Tençoi days sugar-free. Taken up by our friend and weekend "Nightline" anchor. You're still on it. I'm still on it. I haven't had a chance÷ú to have my sugar binge yet. I will say, I'm an annoyingly healthy guy. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. My only vice. But one vice is dessert. So, you can only imagine my discomfort when Katie asked me to give up sugar for ten days. And I kept a video diary. It's Sunday night before Katie couric's sugar-free death March. And I'm doing a last-minute binge. Sure enough, the next day -- everybody's having chocolate. And ice cream. And I'm having fruit. Are you cheating? Reporter: I'm not cheating. Tom, executive producer of "Gma," is documenting this.4h this is unhappy face. Under the rules of the fed up challenge, you could have fruit. But nothing with added sugar. No cookies and no soda, of course. But as I ç learned by watching Katie's movie called "Fed up," almost everything we eat has added sugar. There are 600,000 food items in America. 80% of them have added sugar. Reporter: On day five, Dr. Mark hymen, featured in the movie, took me to the supermarket. If there's an ingredient you can't pronounce, don't recognize, put the food back on the shelf. Reporter: It's the afternoon of day nine. And dietary people are is so close, I can almost taste it. I am sleeping better without the sugar. But the cravings have not diminished one bit. On my way home from work, I pass all of these amazing and tantalizing dessert places. Chocolates. Ridiculous cupcakes. In the end, I will admit I found some Swedish fish my wife had hidden in the cabinet. And to my great shame, I had two of them. Confessions. I feel like this is confession. If you're going to cheat, you cheat with Swedish fish? Well, the judgment is serious. It was what was available. I had cleared the house. There was one thing leftover. And I had a moment of weakness. How do you feel? Good. The sleeping has been a big thing. I eat a lot of dessert before I go to bed, which is a big mistake. I haven't been doing that. And I've been sleeping better. Same for you? I did the ten-day challenge, too. I gave up sugar. And I'm waking up earlier. It was hard, though, because like Dan, I have a sweet tooth. I love cookies. I like chocolate. And I use artificial sweetener in my coffee in the morning. It's shown that artificial sweeteners doko the same thing to your brain chemistry. I cut those out, as well.?÷ Did you have any kind of withdrawal? Yeah. The cravings. You walk through my neighborhood, as I showed you. And there's all these cookie and cupcake places. You notice them more? You feel deprived. I felt very angry at Katie. Sorry, Dan. I'm so sorry. But you know, it's also hard, I don't know if you went out to dinner with friends. I went. And they had dessert came with the meal. Curses. And it came out and looked so delicious. I found if you just say no altogether. I take one bite of something, I end up in the corner with chocolate sauce dripping down my face. That's easier. What do you think is going to linger from this? From the challenge? For me, it's really, I hope it changes the way I eat. I have been looking at labels much more 8 carefully, ever since I started doing this film. And so, I payfá attention. I shop totallysdifferently, George. I look at, ç you know, how many grams of sugar is in everything. And I'm shocked all the time. I think I'm just going to try to still reduce the amount of sugar that I'm intaking every day because it just -- I've lost five pounds. I got rid of a little belly fat. It's not as poochy, tmi. I think it's really made me feel better and look better. You going to stick with it? I think I will stick with it with a few calculated sugar binges along the way, including one tonight. Once you start, you start -- it makes you crave more and more. You have to do it sparingly. You've had a lot of fans keeping up with you. Something like 26,000 people have done the fed up challenge. They've given me kips like putting vanilla extract in your oatmeal instead of sugar. And blueberries and nuts and chia seeds. And everybody is giving each other hints on how to stay strong. And your meditation helped you? It did because I could feel the cravings come up and try to let them pass. He says, I don't need sugar. Something like that. So, tonight. "Fed up" in theaters nationwide now. To catch more of the no-sugar

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"ABC News' Dan Harris took Couric's challenge and went 10 days with no sugar.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23823305","title":"'Fed Up' With Sugar: Katie Couric Issues 10-Day Challenge ","url":"/GMA/video/fed-sugar-katie-couric-issues-10-day-challenge-23823305"}