First Female to Try-Out for NFL Slammed by Blogosphere

Critics question Lauren Silberman's appearance at an NFL event to try to earn spot on a roster.
3:02 | 03/06/13

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Transcript for First Female to Try-Out for NFL Slammed by Blogosphere
that young woman who kicked her way into history, the first to get a shot at going to the nfl except she didn't do very well. Yeah, her kick was some say a setback for all women. Abc's juju chang is here with the escalating controversy. Hey, amy. It was supposed to be one small kick for lauren silberman and one giant leap for womankind. Instead it turned into a painful moment that went viral and blew up with the age old question can women ever make it to the big leagues? It was the kick heard round the world. Which landed with a thud. Make that two thuds. 28-year-old lauren silberman's hopes of being the first woman in the nfl fell so far short she became fodder for comedians. There she is kicking a football and -- she did not make the nfl. Reporter: Some questioned if silberman a former soccer player who never played football had any business trying out for the nfl. Even though she'd scored the tryout with this impressive field goal at a super bowl fan event but the average nfl place kick, 41.8 yards. Silberman's attempt, 19 yards. Then just 13. The minute I touched the ball my quad, I could just feel like tense up and hurt. It was really painful. My heart sunk into my stomach when I saw the kicks. Not good for lauren, it is not good for any of us. Krt katie hnida is among the most qualified women in football. She played college ball a became the first woman to ever score in a division I game. Even played pro football in the arena league. Hnida worries that her injury-plagued performance may have set back the cause of serious female kickers who fought long and hard for years to be taken seriously. Not having the kicking experience is huge and I think is maybe a bit presumptuous. Reporter: Not the only one to feel that way. The twittersphere erupted with heated reaction. Disgrace to female athletes says one woman and "will the real female kickers send us your stats." This is not representative of how women can be great athletes. Reporter: Others say, not so fast. She didn't have a good day, but does it impact women's sports? Not at all. Reporter: Now, you should know lauren declined our invitation to discuss the backlash but ironically by going viral may have ushered in a new tidal wave of interest. As for katie I asked her whether she'd try out for the nfl. She got so many intriguing inquiries but was quick to point out there are other college players who are at that level who can compete. Right. Didn't she kind of choke a little? She had better kicks. She had an injury, she said and katie told me it looked like she hadn't warmed up properly and the lack of experience really showed. I understand the controversy but I did kind of feel bad for her. I felt bad for her but i don't think she should have tried out. I think you're right.

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{"id":18666191,"title":"First Female to Try-Out for NFL Slammed by Blogosphere","duration":"3:02","description":"Critics question Lauren Silberman's appearance at an NFL event to try to earn spot on a roster.","url":"/GMA/video/female-lauren-silberman-nfl-slammed-blogosphere-18666191","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}