Documentary Filmmaker Nisar Malik Tracks Pakistan's Elusive Brown Bears

Nature documentarian captures hidden beauty less than 100 miles from violent insurgency.
3:00 | 02/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Documentary Filmmaker Nisar Malik Tracks Pakistan's Elusive Brown Bears
-- It's a place of unbelievable. Beauty and. And where the ground we need you read you something -- the sky. Water -- your feet. Place where even the rainbows have rainbows. -- Documenting you don't -- -- -- -- on a mission to build and helped save the endangered brown -- of Pakistan. We're. Now -- and his team tracked through. Through rugged terrain nineteen over rocky trails and -- extremes to place most can only access by horseback and setting up camp here. -- do you Zion National Park police whose very name means the land of giants. In the shadow of the majestic Himalayan mountains trudge through tall grass and heavy winds capturing a side of Pakistan so -- We'll ever get to see the clothes right. Every. And it's all for moments like yeah. There are only if you Johnson brown hair still lives here at capturing them on film could help save them in real life. They won't. -- -- -- We caught up with -- in his studio in Pakistan's capital Islamabad Weis is so important. I think -- work can change the minds of people. If they were to look but others signed -- -- unlike other filmmakers who shoot their footage Stanley and Alex takes his foot agent shall we say it first to those who live closest to the endangered animals is very important that the locals be -- of this because -- the front line. Soldiers who speak a -- book of -- for decades villagers used to hunt the animals performer and food. Now -- uses his films to show why the bears need to be protected vehicle for both. Here Malick is taking one of his films to a classroom in a remote village many of these children have never seen -- television before let alone an entire film -- And this is where and we must pay attention without them. None of these animals who lives about. And for Malick it's moments like this the wide eyed innocence of young children learning directly -- killing the animals is wrong. It could save the lives he's been errors and countless others -- focus this 100%. True. They get involved. -- of these animals who doesn't concern. And for -- that's -- key reaching the young generation. Pakistan's. Land -- giants were. ABC news and Yahoo! News -- -- ABC news Islamabad packet.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Nature documentarian captures hidden beauty less than 100 miles from violent insurgency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22447768","title":"Documentary Filmmaker Nisar Malik Tracks Pakistan's Elusive Brown Bears","url":"/GMA/video/filmmaker-nisar-malik-tracks-pakistans-elusive-brown-bears-22447768"}