Movie Theater Shooting Victim's Wife: 'I Want Him Behind Bars'

Nicole Oulson was standing right next to her husband when he was shot and killed.
3:00 | 01/23/14

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Transcript for Movie Theater Shooting Victim's Wife: 'I Want Him Behind Bars'
We will begin with our exclusive interview with the wife of that Florida man shot to death in a movie theater by a man alleged liang bring that he was texting. Nicole oulson was standing right next to her husband, Chad, when he was killed and she was injured herself. We're going to talk to her in a moment. But first ABC's Matt Gutman with the story. Reporter: Nicole and Chad oulson, new parents to 2-year-old Alexis, had a rare chance for a movie date on January 13th to "Lone survivor" at a local theater in Tampa, Florida. The movie hasn't started but the screen had lit up with announcements like this asking folks to power down phones but oulson was reportedly texting his daughter's baby-sitter. His daughter wasn't feeling well. Sitting behind them Curtis reeves who police say became increasingly agitated. Curtis reeves asked him a few times to please turn off his phone, Chad decided not to. Reporter: According to police reeves said he went to get the manager but returned alone and the two got into an argument. Curtis reeves had allegedly pulled his .38 handgun firing a single bullet hitting Chad in the chest and nicking Nicole's finger as she tried to protect her husband. Reeves was arrested on the scene. No bond. Reporter: At a court hearing wearing a green suicide prevention gown he was charged with second degree murder and faces a possible sentence of life in prison if convicted. He is currently being held without bond. His attorney says he might use Florida's controversial stand your ground law as a defense. He was hit with -- in the face with an unknown object. At that point in time he has every right to defend himself. Somebody flthrows popcorn and, bang, he was shot. Reporter: A family is mourning the loss of a beloved husband and a doting father. For "Good morning America," Matt Gutman, ABC news, Miami. And joining us now, Nicole oulson, along with her attorney, T.J. Grimaldi. Welcome to you both. Thank you. Nicole, our sincere silver medals. I hope you have felt the well wishes of everyone around the country. We can see that you are still on the mend. How are you bearing up? Hanging in there, yeah. The gunshot wound to my finger is the least of my worries right now. That will heal. The real pain is my heart and that will take a long time, if ever, to get over. That's understandable. I know your only major concern is your beautiful little girl Alexis. How is she? Staying strong for her. She's luckily thankfully at a young age where I don't think that this is going to have as much of an impact on her right now. She doesn't know what's going on. But there are times at night especially that was my husband's ritual to put her to bed and it's times like that where before the last thing he would say to her before tucking her in is that you make me so happy, daddy's so happy, Lexi and she would say, me happy too, daddy. Lexi happy too and those are the times that I'll never be able to replace. That's when it's hard. Cling to those memories. It was a rare chance. You had the little girl. It was a rare chance for you and your husband to have some alone time and you decided to go to a movie. Tell us about that. It was. Yes. We're on different schedules. He works weekends and I work Monday through Friday. About once a quarter I have to work a rotating Saturday so in that situation I get to choose a day off during the week and, of course, I choose Monday to be with him. We take the daughter to the day care and we just wanted to have a good day together. Spend some quality time with the love of my life. You go to the movie theater. You sit down. He want -- you want to check in with the baby-sitter because you don't leave her alone that much. Can you tell us what happened inside that movie theater, Nicole. We got there a little early, just to get some concessions and relax a little bit. We were watching the previews. Just having a good time. It was the first time we've actually agreed on a movie together. Usually I'm dragging him to a chick flick or he's dragging me to a movie but we were really both excited and into this movie so we were just sitting there, you know, getting ready for the movie to start, respectful when the movie is on we put our phones away so he took a couple seconds just to check the phone to make sure there was no messages about our daughter, you know, before putting his phone away and the blink of an eye, 30 seconds and it just shattered my world. Just because of being on the phone and I know that it's an ongoing investigation and that's why T.J. Is here. There are some things I can't ask you and you can't answer because of the investigation. There have been many reports that there was popcorn thrown that there was something that was thrown. Can you shed any light on to that, T.J. I can and I can't in the sense that there -- it is an ongoing criminal investigation as you indicated so there are certain facts out there in the media that are accurate then there are other conclusions not necessarily accurate but what I can say to the popcorn issue is this. In my opinion it doesn't matter if it was popcorn, twizzlers, a hot cup of coffee, there is absolutely no reason this should have escalated to the level it did, especially as quickly as it did. Knowing also that he's probably the individual that is trained the most to be able to de-escalate a situation. Being an ex-cop and being in charge of security at a major amusement park, he should know how to bring something back down to a calm level, not escalate it himself. I think that was part of what was so surprising to many people when they heard this story. Nicole, is there any reason why the man who shot your husband would have felt threatened? Absolutely not. Not in the least. I never expected it. Never could have imagined it. I mean, it was a couple of words, no threats, no harm, no nothing. And the gentleman is 71 years old but he's a big guy. He's not elderly by any stretch of the imagination. I know that we have heard, again, that the stand your ground which is very controversial, T.J., that that could be used as a defense. You know, we've kind of come -- become accustomed to that in Florida specifically so we've discussed that with Nicole and as a firm we've realized that there's an attorney out there trying to defend him and he's going to do everything he possibly can to advocate for his client. However, as a lot of people have been discussing throughout the country recently, there is just no way that can stand up in this case. The stand your ground is a defensive mechanism in the sense that it allows you to protect yourself with like force. If you feel force coming, you can have force in return. If you feel deadly force coming, you can use that to protect yourself. But it's not an offensive thing and with what happened that's the only thing that occurred. He was the aggressor. He was the offender and took it to another level. To use that as a defense is unbelievable. It's almost impossible. I know you share those thoughts. Tell us about your husband. Tell us about Chad. I understand he liked to race motorbikes. Motorcycles. Motorbikes, that was his life. He said many a times he was over 40 when we had our daughter if he had known it would have been this great he wouldn't have waited this long. He was the type of guy that would go to pick up to go food and start chatting with somebody for two seconds, I mean, while picking up food and they would become friends for life. We'd have the sprinkler guy come out to change stinklers and he was a best friend, that type of guy, outgoing, friendly, just, you know, easy to get along with. Everybody loved him. Have you felt the love from people all around the country? It's been amazing. Truly amazing. It's unbelievable. Well, I hope it has brought you some measure of comfort. I'm glad your sister Melissa is here with you and I know there are people that are helping out as they can on Facebook and that and I know part of the reason you came here is that you're hoping to see justice and what is that for you? For him to stay behind bars for the rest of his life. He brought an unfair life sentence to me to have to raise my daughter alone, to have to live without the love of my life, for my daughter to grow up without her daddy by her side for graduation and marriage and it was so unnecessary. It was for no reason so I want him behind bars and to be punished for his senseless act. Your strength is admirable, Nicole and just know that all of us here and around the country, around the world are thinking of you and lifting you up. You and Alexis. Thank you. T.j., Nicole, all the best going forward. Let's go over to ginger.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Nicole Oulson was standing right next to her husband when he was shot and killed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21634823","title":"Movie Theater Shooting Victim's Wife: 'I Want Him Behind Bars'","url":"/GMA/video/florida-movie-theater-shooting-victims-wife-real-pain-21634823"}