FTC issues Instagram warning to celebrities

The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
5:02 | 04/21/17

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Transcript for FTC issues Instagram warning to celebrities
Our big board Larry Hackett is here with us for our first story and it's about celebrity's social media ads whether you realize it or not you may have seen them on your answer Graham beat stars like. Can card ash CNN Rihanna sometimes post. Paint a promotions but now the Federal Trade Commission is warning. More than ninety unidentified. Influencers. They need to clearly disclose their relationships with those brands and Larry the FDC would not. Get specific on which celebrities are marketers they're talking about the talk about what they're most concerned about. They're concerned that the public does not know that when these celebrities appear with these products that threat to endorse a minute they're getting paid for you look at these answers when with a can guard action. Where she hasn't asked. On her ad that's not good enough that means sponsored the FTC says that's not enough if you go to another one. With Selena Gomez you see shifts hash tag and that's what they're looking for clear identification that what she's holding there. Is actually dead and she's getting paid for OK you have to think getting paid for it. How lucrative. Party filled in the putting social media personalities of both these things on his program there was one study that Selena Gomez you saw that in that posting there can make as much as half a million dollars for a single post while a little product yes. Look even bigger audience. And you're very influential and you do us a lot it can mean a lot and martyrs will pay any thing to reach young people who are going to be buying stuff that. Speaking of young people and people who love can crash in our love Selena Gomez to think they're gonna care if they're getting paid cities are not know we've got to be the president to endorsed steaks and water and universities so they're not gonna care about that kind of thing I think they know very well. That when these people show these products that they are getting paper work. So I think it's kind of catch up on the part of the FTC I don't see any young person is gonna go there to have to Ritz says Adam I'm not gonna buy that soda it was just that simple chain of from a hash tag S Peta. Have tech eighty it seems to be for now that's what if he sees asking for we'll see if it's effective we'll see if they're happy we'll see if they decide to kind of ratchet up and make it more serious. 990 people depth of letters to know what went out of my yeah. Pats video mixed up in regular next up the hottest new fro rendering. The Starbucks unicorn fret Regina is taking America by storm customers are lining up around the country which can't be driving should retreat. In opinions are sharply divided TJ Holmes and adding Starbucks. Right outside of our studio in TJ these drinks are selling like hot cakes but everybody not a fan of his drink. It spread ever call down a very 500. Calories 76 grant to survey team grab the back. Let's all lineup that's exactly what this day that cotton candy and caught a thickly of people gone crazy about it now a lot of people are gonna to the general public. In the second but the berets those who also have an issue with it one kid in particular method to his right. It ain't so many private casinos in my entire life my hands are completely steak I am unicorn crap. Erin. Knows I'd never been so stressed out in my entire life. Love of god an angry being not he's doing it. Did you aren't sure you know. But it that could have been looked never been so stressed out that life. In nineteen just wait a little albeit 800 alone could generate crap you know but a lot of nor'easter Greek film because they're just have a tough time making. This vein all right but. It got a lot of attention yet. And speaking about on line people have been losing their minds of the street because they love so much tell us what what they're saying my daughter's apparently got two of those yesterday sale. OK tell hard to stay away there's nothing but embarrassment and humiliation and loss dreams in this couple. But the thing has made hope. All kinds of stuff not this thing is not meant to be consumed just meant to be ends the grant it's pretty obvious though they react to people have not gonna go ahead. Of course I thought about you've got to got some review. Bring them out given to our guys they're both in the studio you all good taste and while going through with some of the people thing online. One guys with the uniform prepped you know plays like a birthday party nobody came to. Somebody else that sitting in Starbucks ought to give the excitement are to discuss after trying the uniform property you know is so entertaining. And then another was excited raise your hand if this is the most important being it's. On your to do list. Today it's only going to be around for a few more days -- hole when it again it's meant to be promotional and bonded to try it would get let me get a guy he's like this week chart. I think it tastes like a sweet tart. And I gotta admit I love sweet tarts. With a drink black eyed look guys I couldn't drink all of it was pretty good. But here's the thing guys that the COLT that all they say the cool thing what you start it saying this color and it changes take to go from sweet. This dollars that's another thing that people are just kind of getting excited about their illegal immigrants who love what I tell you what big kid who posted that video. I'm going back to what did video Vienna when the funny things I've ever seen it hopefully he can he get past Baghdad via their hectic nowhere in this case. I note thanks RIT date thank you Larry thank you very much.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46932642","title":"FTC issues Instagram warning to celebrities","url":"/GMA/video/ftc-issues-instagram-warning-celebrities-46932642"}