Gabrielle Douglas Discusses Memoir 'Grace, Gold and Glory'

Olympic gold medalist shares inspiring moments of her gymnast career.
4:00 | 12/08/12

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Transcript for Gabrielle Douglas Discusses Memoir 'Grace, Gold and Glory'
Well, gabrielle douglas captured our hearts and two gold medals at the olympics this summer. But before she went to the olympics, she wanted to write book. Now, she has a memoir out called "grace, gold & glory." And we have young gymnasts here that are very excited to see gabrielle this morning. First, we want to start with you, gabrielle. Thank you for coming in. We're thrilled to have now. Thanks for having me. You have two gold medals we're looking at right now. Amazing. Yep. What's also amazing, a few months before the olympics, you almost didn't want to do it anymore. You wanted to work back at home at a chick-fil-a. Why? Yeah. I wanted to work at chick-fil-a. And I wanted to quit the sport because I was very homesick. My family came to iowa for christmas. It was all said and done. Christmas was over. It went by so fast. They were ready to go back home to virginia. And I wanted to go with them. But the whole thing about it, i was very homesick. I hadn't gone home in a while. I wanted to quit. But at the end of the road, everyone sat me down and told me, don't ever quit. Just keep striving. The olympics are almost there. And I look back on it. If I had quit, I never would have won these. And medals are practically made out of your blood, sweat and tears. And the london olympics wouldn't have been the same without having you here. One thing I took away from this book is your mom really is a hero. What an amazing woman. Raising four children. You were living out of a car at times. She always pushed you. You overcame racism. You overcame a lot in your battle to get these gold medals. What do you want readers to take away from this book? I want readers to take away being inspired and motivated. I want them to think, don't ever quit. Don't ever give up. If I would have quit and gave up, I would not have this chance in front of you girls and to inspire a nation and a generation. Don't ever quit. And I want them to take away, no matter what color your skin is, nationality you are, money you have, or your background, you can still achieve your dreams. You have questions, as well. Where is julia? Julia, pass her the mic. You have a question for gabrielle. How did it feel to have that gold medal like around your neck? How did you feel? It definitely felt amazing. I mean, I just look back and all the hard work was definitely worth it. And just overcoming a lot with financial problems and a lot of sacrifices and to overcome injuries and moving to iowa. Just leaving my family home. And I definitely thought it was worth it. Her eye was always on that prize. Thank you, great question, julia. Molly? You have a question. There you are. I like that blue top. How is your diet when you are in training? What do you eat? It is very important to eat very healthy. Chicken, beef, anything that has a lot of protein in it. Recovers your muscles from a long day at practice. And drink a lot of mitting, to keep the bones strong. And if something is hurting, i sit and heat it before practice. Drink your milk, girls. A lot to be learned there. Olivia has a question, as well. I may know the answer. This is a good question. Do you have a hero? And if so, who is it? I do have a hero. And I think that's my she has always been a fighter. She is telling me to never quit and always go after my dreams. So, she is definitely one of my heroes. Your mother, natalie, definitely a hero. Finally, last, quickly, jordan has a question. Jordan, quickly. What's your favorite kind of music? Oh. My favorite kind of music is upbeat, like hip-hop. Just to get me going, and get me started for the day. All right, girls. Hip-hop, we all know some things we didn't know about her before. Thank you so much for joining in. And gabrielle's book "grace, gold & glory" is in stores now.

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{"id":17912312,"title":"Gabrielle Douglas Discusses Memoir 'Grace, Gold and Glory'","duration":"4:00","description":"Olympic gold medalist shares inspiring moments of her gymnast career.","url":"/GMA/video/gabrielle-douglas-discusses-memoir-grace-gold-glory-17912312","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}