Gabrielle Union reveals she and her husband struggled with infertility

The actress and wife of Dwyane Wade revealed that she struggled to have a baby, and Dr. Jessica Shepherd shares what women should know about infertility.
3:54 | 10/04/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gabrielle Union reveals she and her husband struggled with infertility
It is time now for our cover story, struggling with infertility. In her new memoir Gabrielle union reveals she has endured failed ivf cycles and several miscarriages. Reporter: She plays a successful single TV journalist fighting her way to the top. Why are you so okay with me getting the credit for this. Reporter: But off camera facing a different battle. In the latest issue of "People" magazine she's revealing her personal struggle with infertility. The 44-year-old admits over the years she suffered nine miscarriages and gone through eight cycles of ivf. None successful. For three years my body has been a prisoner of trying to get pregnant. I've either been about to go into an ivf cycle, in the middle of an ivf cycle or coming out of an ivf strikele. Going through as many miscarriages and ivf treatments has put her body and mind through a lot of turmoil about you says she's not going to give up. Reporter: The Hollywood actress is half of one of the most glamorous cups on the planet. She and her husbanddwyane wade have been happily married since 2014. A loving stepmother to his kids says even though she's bursting with joy at her kids' milestones she never wanted children until she met Dwyane. I was afraid to be attached to it if it didn't work out. I was fulfilled with children. Wanting to have babies with Dwyane was a natural desire built on that joy. She said she's fallen in love with motherhood and loves doing basketball games and helping with homework. Reporter: Despite her struggles she continues to remain hopeful. This child weigh want to have had been loved even as an idea. Each attempt at ivf is a loving action so remain here bursting with love and ready to do anything to meet the child we both have been wanting. Welcome to Dr. Jessica shepherd. She's 44. What's the chances for someone that age. We come equipped from birth born with all the eggs we'll have throughout our lifetime so when we talk about pregnancy we talk about the chances of getting pregnant per month so when in your 20s, that's about a 25% chance of getting pregnant in a month. Now, when we get to our 30s that will decrease and drop to about 10% chance of getting pregnant per month. Then if you look over here to the 40s, that again is going to diminish and that is about a 5% chance of becoming pregnant in a month. So the odds tart to go down. She's had several ivf attempts. So far it hasn't worked for her. What are the risks of that. So the risk of ivf, everyone goes to their doctor and goes through ivf for different reason, whether it's a medical condition or whether they're unable to conceive over multiple spontaneous chances of pregnancy so there are risks that come with ivf, obviously it's a procedure, goes through a lot of different hormonal changes so some of those risks would be those ovaries are really working overtime and so sometimes those ovaries can be overstimulated and sometimes when you get all those hormones the injections and some of the pills you have to take your mood is really going to shift and see it go up, see it down. She eludes to some of that in her book as well going through that with Dwyane obviously going through those mood changes and lastly, abdominal bloating and -- Does the fact it hasn't worked seven or eight times mean it won't work the next time. That's something that will be different for her whether she has a medical condition, what she's discussed with her doctor, but, again, you have to understand that every time the different chance and so she needs to talk to her doctor about the risks of going through that now eight types. You also have that emotional toll. Emotional toll. We don't take that into account and some of these women after they fail ivf can be depressed or angstious so 10% of women feel they have some type of major depression after failing. Real complication. Dr. Jessica shepherd, thanks very much. Absolutely. Gabrielle union will be here live with us in two weeks to talk more about her story.

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{"id":50268516,"title":"Gabrielle Union reveals she and her husband struggled with infertility","duration":"3:54","description":"The actress and wife of Dwyane Wade revealed that she struggled to have a baby, and Dr. Jessica Shepherd shares what women should know about infertility. ","url":"/GMA/video/gabrielle-union-reveals-husband-struggled-infertility-50268516","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}