Garth Brooks Launches His New Single 'People Loving People'

The legendary country artist is about to embark on a world tour with his first new single since 2007.
4:08 | 09/04/14

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Transcript for Garth Brooks Launches His New Single 'People Loving People'
We are thrilled down here because our good friend Garth brooks is here. Do you know he has some new music that is out today? He's working on an album. He is going on tour. You can see here world tour 2014. Now, you gave us a heads-up about that last time. You were the one that got me in so much trouble, yes. That's right. Yes, you did. You killed me but it was out so now we're back here to say thank you and the circle is complete because tonight it all starts. Uh-huh. In Chicago. In Chicago. We're going to get to that in a moment. But I want to talk about "People loving people" because I remember the first one, the first one that came out 25 years ago, it's been since 2007 was the last time you had -- Much too young. Much too young to feel this on morning TV but tell us, do you get get that same excitement when a new one is coming out. I heard this on the radio yesterday evening for the first time and it just -- if somebody sits here and says, uh, it's okay if you hear yourself on the radio, they're lying to you. It's the greatest thing. Doesn't get old. It's fantastic. You worked with some great writers again and they just -- they swarm around you 24/7. I tell you what, Nashville is blessed with writers, great writers in the town writing better than they ever have and "People loving people," I didn't write it but time telling everybody I did. What a great message. I love it. You also have a message leaving here going to Chicago to perform with miss Yearwood. Yes. Start the world tour tonight. But you also because it sold out like that so you were gracious enough you're adding another show. We ended up with 11 down there which is nice. This morning at 10 all the holds for the production because the production is now in seeing what the great seats are they killed to protect now they'll open up at 10:00 this morning so they'll probably be the best seats in the house getting ready to open up. Did y'all hear that at 10:00 A.M. Central time, Chicago, you're going to have some more seat as valuable. That is so great. Going to be fun. The more the merrier we're ready. We were chatting during the commercial break and all that. You're a dear old friend and we're talking about how things change and I know that you said when people come and see you, people have seen you over the years and they love it. You said they'll see the cornerstone of who you are but also some new things. Yeah, I mean we bring new things but the truth is I'm a fan and sit in that audience and go see the people I love and I don't go there to hear the new stuff. I go to hear the old stuff so brought all our old stuff with us and sprinkle a little new stuff but it's going to be fun and, again, this is something you caused by -- Yeah, you're going to blame it on me. But this room has been a big room for huge statements for us. Yeah. So I'm just going to tell you right now I wish you could come back with us because we're having a press conference at 1:00 and what we announced here nine months ago can't hold a candle to what we're going to -- I'm throwing these cards away. I'm throwing -- so what you got? I can't tell you. I can't tell you. 1:00 though today I'm telling you get on that plane, come back with me. I'll send the plane right back here. You'll be the only one on it, come see us. Hang with us. Watch us as it goes down because music history is about to change. I'll put it that way. I'm getting on that plane. Are you really. I'm going to get on that plane. You know how long I've waited for that statement. I'm going to get on that plane. Now my producer is going crazy because I have something for later today -- clearing my schedule. Tell the producer to come with us too. I'm going -- You're going to need your team. Yes, you're going to need your team. So there's something -- so 1:00. 1:00 there's going to be a huge announcement. This is going to be awesome. It's going to -- there's a new window opening in digital music coming and I'm very proud to be a part of it. Okay, well, I got to go pack my bags so we'll kit this short. We can just go shopping when we get there. Oh. Garth brooks. He has a new single. "People loving people." I love this people right here. But stay tuned because I'm going to get on a plane with Garth and hear that big announcement at 1:00. 10:00 central time. Ticket, more tickets going on sale in Chicago.

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{"id":25243943,"title":"Garth Brooks Launches His New Single 'People Loving People'","duration":"4:08","description":"The legendary country artist is about to embark on a world tour with his first new single since 2007.","url":"/GMA/video/garth-brooks-launches-single-people-loving-people-25243943","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}