George Clooney Discusses the Other World of 'Tomorrowland'

The superstar dishes on his new sci-fi film and life with Amal.
4:26 | 05/14/15

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Transcript for George Clooney Discusses the Other World of 'Tomorrowland'
We have to get to George and George. We're happy for ginger. We don't want to go on celebrity jeopardy. I'm not going near that thing. Better to be thought an idiot than the prove it. I think you do pretty well. Like you did in Disney's new movie, "Tomorrowland." In my house, we're on our third shoring. Elliott our 12-year-old oloves it. You have to get through a crazy home invasion. We'll show that right now. ? Wait. That was my agent, by the way. You are going to open yourself up to a whole new audience here. This is the first time I did a film where the premier was mostly children. And it's working with them. I love the idea. This whole idea of "Tomorrowland" a place for dreamers, freed up to try to save the world. When brad berg, the director, one of the writers with Damon, came to me with the project, I thought, um, I loved the idea of it. The idea was, you know, we're losing sight of, it's sort of -- it starts with the nasa program and how we're losing sight of doing the things we used to do and dreaming. And we're losing sight of doing things. And any single person can make a difference. I like that. They bought you the original tomorrowland plans from Disney world. They had white gloves on. A but print. Black light. There was an entire other blueprint for tomorrowland to be built under tomorrowland. They never did it. It inspired them. You come to this naturally. We did research. You were an inventor. A built a couple of robots for a science fair. My father has a talk show I would go on. That's a good hair cut. My nom mom cut my hair. You can't tell, really. That was -- I still have those glasses, too. They're working. There's worse pictures of me out there. That one doesn't come close. There's bad pictures of all of us. The mullet is a much worse shot. I avoided that. I'm marred man now. Everything is different now. Sit really? Actually it is. It is, see. I was going make a joke. No, it is very different. Gotta say. I know you know this, your pictures come up and you look in every single time, happy, relaxed. Are you saying I did not look happy of relaxed before? I'm saying she brings out the best in you. I couldn't be happier. We're working on fixings up a house in England that we'll spend a lot of time in outside of London. And, uh -- and, we've been traveling the world. We're on our way to Shanghai. And never more than a week apart. That's the plan. We're trying. It's not so easy. She has a day job. She has to, you know, get people out of jail. Save the world. One more thing here, it's throw onback Thursday. We get to embarrass you one more time. What do you got? 1984. First speaking part. Rip tied. What is grandma's phone number. I don't know. You're a liar. I got my screen actor's guild card on that. You better hope you can remember your papa's phone number. Oh! What do you think about the line read? Let me tell you something. I got my screen actor's guild card doing that particular episode of television. And they should not have given it to me for that particular episode of television. Having just seen that. You survived it just fine. "Tomorrowland" is out next Friday, may 22nd.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"The superstar dishes on his new sci-fi film and life with Amal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31039141","title":"George Clooney Discusses the Other World of 'Tomorrowland'","url":"/GMA/video/george-clooney-discusses-world-tomorrowland-31039141"}