George Clooney: No Feud with Leonardo DiCaprio

'The Monuments Men' director talks about his craft and sets the record straight on the Leo rumor.
3:00 | 02/08/14

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Transcript for George Clooney: No Feud with Leonardo DiCaprio
You think there. Still -- We didn't work -- Monuments men so embarrassing home -- that. And to -- team together and try to protect what's left and -- was missing. Are too old for that. Yet. You wanna go into -- war zone and tell our boys what they can and cannot blow up -- -- -- OK how many men. For now six checked. -- -- -- that's seven that's much better. Go to basic contribute in England and we wait for Reuters. -- -- Basic training. -- -- -- Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's happening happening -- George -- Actually everything is happening for George he has monuments men opening. In a month -- in gravity which is heavily favored it would be best picture. He's producing. Directing writing. God -- going to many parties I think on monuments men. He not only is starring in it but he's directing -- writing producing it and I think he also you know deep male and Aaronson got. -- for all of the cast and he still looks like George Clooney. And Sonoma and eighteen or maybe not charge them or maybe I'm -- here I don't think he just sold me. Yes I'm I am -- it -- rather than there's there's a twin brother who looks like hell right now. And he's just sitting -- from in the Guadalajara anger as it -- -- not they're gonna do any. That's exactly right so let's start with the one that's right here righteous -- -- right. And the thing that strikes me the most about this movie is that if it flies. I think it's all the roles he should be. In this world if you want to attract an audience you should be really cynical. Shouldn't Wear -- heart obviously threaten you should basically have an ironic detachment from everything. And you're just totally with these guys so yeah I did someone do an intervention and prevention with you read. Been doing all those other ones you know grandma -- cement my ready producing partner grant -- we're sitting around we just finished as of march were working on Argo. We're kind of looking back at the films we've done of the last few years -- if you know every film we do so cynical. And were problem with the team at least -- guys I know and in the real world. -- who we should do something there that's nice. -- -- -- And he did repeats read this book monuments been at the airport picked -- the airport. It's not usually how you get a film. A book you usually they'll send you books from the studio from an agency. But he just -- of the airport we wrote he read it and give it to me and the like this could be. In the vein of the films that we used to love what Kelly's heroes -- the great escape. Those kind of films and we thought -- what's. Do one of those that's -- -- because it makes room this film has room to put big stars and the like the old films and to treat it that way we -- want to make it. Just a retro film but we wanted to to have -- to hearken back to some of those things that I really. There's an innocence to -- that I really like. Well we should explain a little about what it -- for those people that warrant at the airport when grant picked -- -- there you -- -- quite a few people want us there. -- probably the last copy of that book fair. Nobody else knows that this is really not know it has that it was interest and there was -- a bit of a Trace of it in the train the -- I'm -- But not really -- that was a much more specific story what I didn't know and I know a lot about war two is the idea that. During the war certainly all the -- the lead up to the war particularly Europe with Hitler that he was systematically. From the very beginning planning them and taking. Virtually all the -- out of Europe and certainly out of any country that he took over. Some ticket to -- because he consider himself art connoisseurs building his own museum -- -- -- music wasn't it. Here's a -- -- -- that we have through scenes of who's pregnant. But on top of all of -- he also wanted to destroy their culture he wanted he wasn't enough that he could just kill. And I see this sometimes when I go to -- to -- in the Sudan which is. It -- there is that an element of this which is it's not enough to kill these people that you have to you have to make it as if they never existed to keep them from coming back. And and that's when you realize that's what he was doing wasn't just. Stealing the art here's also destroying a lot of that he and and said if I died destroyed all. And he really wanted to stop that you wanted to ruin and take away their culture and -- thought that was a a story that I didn't really know much about his. Literally their biggest art heists in history of the world so when you get your house to be in the movies for nothing -- Honey you direct the college you when you know somebody really -- what was interesting I had. A dinner with Bill Murray who's a very good friend we've spent he spends time of my home in Italy where he spent a lot of time together and I. As so many people -- in that place I don't know how you look at the moment I don't solace I don't -- and appease the you can catch him. So I don't worry I -- -- yes or no would mimic who we -- in Berlin where others that they before searching it. And mechanical -- -- said bill I didn't know how to directly. I should because I don't you know we're friends we I've never directed you before and I said tell me what. You know you are there any out of bounds here -- there's something it would take you -- -- I need to you know. Actors work differently there's method actors and -- to show up there's. This people who want you to give him a line reading this people who would kill you if you -- -- me. But some would you how do you want me to work and he said just tell me where to stand and how fast -- you just like what you know. Just direct me like you direct and and it really these things in terms of working with -- -- to just say. Number 1% faster. -- really easy to do that -- -- Helps you know pros you can look at growth I think we do this whole -- -- faster. And faster usually. We'll get there because it's a it's faster or allowed our remember seeing Mike Nichols directing a play as the latter but I'm gonna see what the secret is that you all whispering to people's years. And he would you say all out there yet. I can't hear from the Coen Brothers I think the only gave me one note on O brother where -- that was the very first scene I was shooting which is a scene where. John Goodman said -- me in the face with a big stake. -- And I was playing them like a bumbling. Idiot. And jewel of the you know here you know this thing uses the just -- -- he's always the smartest guy in the room. Conflict. -- and of course and then everything will -- differently -- don't know exactly. And immediately you knew exactly what the character was supposed to be. And then there was nothing else you know it is good directors -- sort of just pointing in the right direction got the right actor in fine shape. Well -- you've been working with other directors like let's take gravity because we're a month away from the I'll ask you -- a good position Alfonso -- Sandra Bullock -- -- want to hear. And she was. She was talking about what he would -- which was C and to something else the following I our -- -- There Gooden his direction you got like the Helmand all the stuff finalists for the user base and are okay with Gloria and -- I've no idea -- just. I would tell you some of that guy first of all he's has been with them last night at the premiere he is a dear friend. He is one of the gentle -- from the world and he hasn't made a bad. He has. In a beautiful vision of the stories you want to tell and this -- that movie. I mean believe me I went to the test screenings when the effects weren't on. And we are testing by 28. Which is very bad and I -- -- it sounds even without knowing that it is like and so you go to your test screen with the studios and you're in them. You know. Usually probably a hundred million dollar film that's tested 28 there's a lot of panic that goes on. And it was all on his shoulders and it was two years making it six years probably put penalty -- two years actually making. So that he took a lot of hits you get a very tough time all the way through studio with great but. You know there's still panic involved. And he skipped category I got to -- February and he really did happen you know he -- this is if there's ever a film that is about a film maker. And the cinematographer this is -- this is that one. People you -- this question to you before with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and the golden clubs and saying. The -- you're not even -- here and they're still taking them they got basically saying you know you would rather -- -- -- data woman your own right. And -- basically they hope that there on -- times past -- wondering if there's with a base and anything to you there was -- -- we started I already started that -- -- Tina. A letter. But on Matt Damon station because -- made fun of Matt. And I said as if I was mad I was like -- -- I understand about the jokes for George and Leo. You know so I'm a bit of hypocrite doing this but those guys are kind of known for -- with the -- -- made them. You know economy a garbage -- seem -- like a cheap shot and you know. It's not a big deal O'Malley for an apology but my kid calls -- the garbage man. Now. Said at a senate to it's it to Tina and that she sent some flowers back to mats and I'm really sorry and -- she sent another punch lovers with a cargo and and by the way I know that this is a prank from George -- you know we're we're not some young starlets were grown that's comedians and step up your game. Bad and then -- just that and go back when that was the appetizer -- the the next one is through. Gloom over oh is it that it's actually by actually cringed when I started it and then -- thought. But you know I I have to decide whether -- go all the way through with -- or -- just -- -- were produced show her what I was going to do and then not do. Because that might be better than actually. Is always something devious and almost Byzantine in terms of -- revenge. Yes sometimes they'd be takes a while but why I've waited years yeah yeah I don't know what you're supposed to do when you hear that comment. Except to eight and I had this idea for you date dame Judi two weeks ago it'll make up for -- He can be next I tried she turned -- -- to -- she said I was too little for. Which Burton which has -- why is it that you. You seem to be it's because they -- -- other people made its take your supposed and when Leonardo DiCaprio was talking he said. -- I didn't have a fight over playing basketball but it -- Esquire that although what tension. The nor admitted I've made the joke about you know it is but my joke was about beauty and younger man and basketball I was like that was funded and -- collectors of the no you know no real long timers not to actually go -- with -- -- -- somebody just made that like. That's -- it is the danger now it's something that's happened I think you've seen it two it's been about the last ten years or so that. It seems as if every joke anything you do will become sort of a lead. It's you know line and something going it's the you know. You know George stood slam his dame Judi Dench because she says he's -- -- -- Fed literally that's exactly what -- it can be you know -- -- Oprah show with the Julia Roberts and she Jews it did you ever had plastic surgeons right up my eyes done when he -- It you can go online and there's dozens and dozens of -- saying you know you know -- who the doctor was that did my eyes. We have my guys that -- last. But so it's if you -- losing a little bit of our -- the united and the I think a lot to do with this in an. Well we come to the end of the -- -- tried this with you before. With no success into -- hoping today you mellow you know there's changed it's that tied this I don't know. But it always ends and saw OK and I tried many times to have you do a little moment of some of it row prisoners. You know I've you here's -- thing. IPod Touch. Reza seeing -- all the that you here's a -- I. -- -- -- -- -- -- It wasn't yeah. Will I win in -- recordings to your -- and T bone Burnett. And Jolie and assumed because I was -- -- queen's nephew that I would be a great thing. And I kind of this and that. And then we got into the recording studio. And I sang manner Constance with. The music plane and at finished and look up and is that glass bootable -- minute and no one will look me in the Ehrlich. -- ago. -- -- mean c'mon who listened to it and the playback and it was pretty bad there was actually it was so bad it made them destroy it. And and and they brought in Dan Kaminsky and -- -- But that's difficult song it is difficult it was just looking for something because you don't usually like obviously you look at. Eight could -- don't fence me in she is -- that. She's -- it been like that seems to -- clerk Connie attitude toward commitment don't that's -- and -- It's think it would probably well it's -- -- what you did at one end and unprovoked personal attack just like everybody -- I would tell you what. She used to -- we were kids it was. Should sing the song and I don't even know what it means good but it was she my father it's and we get in the car driving Hugo. Quite the degrees that agrees that agrees that used to be -- instead -- on the things that existed in cities that he considered mr. Cuddy Cohen where we don't what are we gonna do -- on our way to somewhere that three of us who you. When we see their who'll be there would be -- big surprise there may be seeing -- -- those with darkened flashing knives were on -- -- runaway. Back up your back -- -- -- and if we stay -- stay there won't come back who come back how can we go. Hold on the incidence of existence to reduce the instance that when the teams that existence that -- was that it -- that -- -- -- We're the Coen Brothers now I know it. That's I was -- odds -- childhood song we either have to. -- I can go on that day that George spanky that you segments.

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