What your glasses choice reveals about your personality

Plus, the "GMA" anchors discuss witty Wi-Fi names and the most hated foods in their home states.
7:22 | 09/14/17

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Transcript for What your glasses choice reveals about your personality
So, I'm looking on the desk here and I'm looking in the studio audience. I see quite a few people here in our studio wearing glasses. So how many of you did you -- how many did you know that the type of glasses you wear provide some insight into your personality? Did you ever hear that? You never heard that? Well, "Reader's digest" did research on this and they say, for instance, people wear big round frames tend to be quirky. Oh, I have a pair -- Are these your. No, these are actually mine and they're filthy. But you know what I'm going to do. I have a list of what we have seen you guys wear. I'm going to break it down. I'm going to start with George. These are my actual glasses. Those are your actual glasses. And I think this is pretty clear. Simple clean lines, those are your glasses means you're pragmatic and detail oriented. A person wearing this type of glasses are more pragmatic and not so much about showing off. Really! Wow. That's very accurate. Dead wrong, right. Shocking. So, robin, go ahead. Put those puppies on. They are filthy. I can't put them on. We just need you to wear them. Here we go. The colorful frames mn you're the creative type. Oh. That's for sure. Oh. Here we go. Oh. You have a pattern on those, as well. That means you're a cheerful person and someone who doesn't like to take life too seriously. Oh, with my sister sally-ann there. But it's interesting because, you know, like many of us, I have a production company, I wear those glasses when I'm in my -- Down to business. I never thought about the difference but I do when I'm at my office, those are the types of glasses that I have on. You're detail oriented. Who knew? And, Lara, we're going to talk about you now. Oh, boy. We've seen pictures of you in aviators. I wear them all the time. That means she's hot. Yep, that and you're adventure and you're a risk taker. Oh, my. I find that hard to believe. It says -- It's a classic style but you're not concerned with respecting the rules and will stand out in its modern reinterpretation. Oh, yes. We all know Michael doesn't wear glasses, just means he's young. I do. I do wear glasses sometimes. You do? I wear like sunglasses every once in a while. I don't know how long ago that is but -- I would consider those -- do you consider those thick black frames. It means I'm the young hipster crowd. Nice! That's correct. That's correct. You are the young hipster. Yeah, right. In this crew you definitely are. I am not young nor am I a hipster but I bought those glasses for some reason. But that's all I got. Everybody else here in the audience, you can go look it up yourself for your glasses. I'll bring something else to the table. Now, I did not know this was a thing until I read it about in "The New York Times." The thshth "New York Times" says everyone is trying to outdo each other with cute wi-fi names. Somebody here in the front Rojas one. Tell me about it. So my husband is a former police officer. He thought it would be funny to name our home wi-fi FBI surveillance and our car wi-fi is NSA surveillance van. Whoa, okay. That was clever. That's going to draw a lot of attention there. That's actually scary. I know. I know. Do you see that? I'm not going to borrow your buy phi. Mine is George home and George guest. I don't know -- somebody explain to me -- you explain why you did it. Do you guys name your wi-fi? No. No. But you do see that. I do. I'm not saying what it is -- Why? Come on. Because she's got FBI stuff on hers. But I did name mine because I just need to remember it, you know. No number reference or football or anything like that because that's too obvious but there's a little combination of words -- The name of your actual wi-fi. George, people know where I live. I'm not doing it. Okay. Paranoia, another topic. We're not asking for your password. I tell you what, I have gone places in the past where it's popped up. You're looking going, man, I'm living around some strange people. Some websites can generate a creative name for you if you want if you're interested. Generate a sound. No, a name. I thought you could have a sound associated with it. Thank you, thank you, George for that. I'm bringing something to the table. I'm bringing food out. Let's go. Come on, guys. Thank you, guys. Thank you. The best crew in the biz. Thank you, boys. Thank you very much. Can we look? Why don't we wait just for a quick second. The dating app hater, so romantic. Which matches people based on what they hate, oh, good luck with that relationship. Put together a map of what foods people hate the most in each state. So we have the food that is supposedly the most hated -- this is such a lovely morning topic. I know, really. The most hated foods in our home states. Michael, you're from Texas. You know what people really hate? That cannot be right. Steak? That can't be right. Well done steak. Oh, well done steak. That's probably correct. Smells good, show. It does. Well, yeah, I mean this -- I would actually still eat this personally. That's the way I like it. Robin Roberts, Mississippi. Mississippi hates -- sour cream. True or false? We hate anything that's not fried. In mis. I'm one for two. George Stephanopoulos, you're tricky because you're Massachusetts and Ohio. Born in Massachusetts. Raised in Ohio. So I have two thing. Yeah, so are you ready? French fried with -- Everybody loves French fries. With may know no guy and ohioens do not like pesto. I just repeat what is happening on hate.com. I'm a lover, not a hater. So -- What about you? In New York, we allegedly will not have ranch dressing on pizza. I agree with that. I concur that is correct. That makes sense. Other states -- Arkansas, cilantro, Georgia, tuna salad. If you're from these -- raise -- well this, is going to be too tricky. Maryland, the corner piece of a brownie. That is my favorite, Maryland. That's fantastic. The hard piece. Utah, balsamic vinegar. They don't like chicken nuggets in New Mexico? Come on. Listen this, is hard, cold science, people. I think that's it for -- does anybody want some pizza with ranch dressing? Michael, will you take this? Thank you for sending over all these glasses. Tory is here with a special

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{"id":49833757,"title":"What your glasses choice reveals about your personality","duration":"7:22","description":"Plus, the \"GMA\" anchors discuss witty Wi-Fi names and the most hated foods in their home states. ","url":"/GMA/video/glasses-choice-reveals-personality-49833757","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}