'GMA 40 for 40': 'GMA' Family Reunion

Robin Roberts catches up with 'GMA' co-anchors and meteorologists from the past 40 years in Times Square.
21:22 | 11/18/15

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Transcript for 'GMA 40 for 40': 'GMA' Family Reunion
A. I'm good department. And I'm Joan Lunden and today is Wednesday November the eighteen. And new moon. We'll lose we'll have a news. In this cheer on he never got to say the name of the show at the beginning of the program so. Good morning let's do to get that he. Good Morning America. Well now what wet hair hell hole that time out here I'm what's yeah and you and let this is Robin. You know his signature moment. Like there which. Yeah ideology laden live television uncle you do you think. You look good yeah you didn't do war. Good how they're feeling to me that you next war. Eight guys I still Labatt to. And and I want to ask me some time in Canada yeah I do your mind. Actually. Gregoire when there is. The Marvin Hamlisch. Believe Marvin Hamlisch you know there's been so. He wrote I I'm as ready as great surprises. For forty it's been one of course talking immediately. I'm feeling fabulous thing yet gotten on the other side. No evidence that he's been doing great now and we're gonna catch it with you but I had to I had half that of course those things but I don't. This new. On the outs. And it's the. How come you get my girl and I think that's pathetic effort. I do yeah well if I have a heart neighborhood elder. But I have I have two girls yeah. They didn't rub yeah at Merrill. Dance. Oh. It was my yeah. Sure how do you. Don't people yeah. And everything it includes little. I don't to guys to deter any cloudy paying spends. And okay I'm look at Boudreau who you're not. Attendant and the degree to why. You. And that we got this week becoming a little bit earlier you don't want to talk about some. Walked out and hug everybody yeah. Yeah really yeah. It's. Yeah. Cool. It's so nice to regular season bombs I don't hear. Hey day. And there go to rearranged. Apparently you do okay bill. I was out on stage manager how do you walk through life without having a statement. After the the senate adjourned the. Help us but just this really I think David and Diane home. Everybody would agree spencers and can't god do this program. Without really caring about the people you were there and I've never known whether it's the hours. With the sheer diversity of terrible hours to work for whatever. But you entitled to be true if you were different hours but you love all of these people I think we all came away loving the people we as a family we were so. Blessed so blessed let's start at the very beginning for everyone your. First day David. Personally remember who gets the first ever show exactly what I night. Program markets remain. From the moment that we knew we were gonna with the program we room here in thirty days. Couldn't have moved. So when we went on the air we were still very much a work in progress in the took a long time to figure out everything we were doing. Vote for me that moment was a moment of joy and privilege. To think that we have not only opportunity put the responsibility. To try to bring information to people. For two hours every day five days a week information on every conceivable subject have been first of them. And do wooden was it was understandable. That was minerals that they could understand and feel we want to bring them into work conversations we weren't trying to suitable for the we never tried to tell people what to think. Our goal was to have quiet conversation six for all sides of issues so that people had to actually think. And figure out what they thought about issues and that was a privilege from day one until. So still that's what it's all about that had Nancy woods here. First total indifference or outright and then this woman right here in a little auspicious beginning acts. And sandy all right right to the continent and the program I got the political and be sketches and thought it was a family of contributors. So I joined about six months after the show started as a act includes Nash and my that I need he had they have in mind what TV paying fence and they're coming up. All about 720. And it was from a producer and me in the control room saying. Both David and sandy have. Really bad laryngitis couldn't have been as if and I can just hear people clicking that changes the channel. I live right up the black. And so first mistakes burn. I thought I did not share of the fact that I was actually just awakened from deep are you sleep I sit. At. Two months old so fast ran down the street they have the will that make up artists they're just like put her my nose handed me the script. And had me going and western commercial break I'm. Almost had time to read the script before going on and it was the director choreographer of a show on Broadway called the runway it's. And she wasn't. Thrilled. About it. Top let me say that. The big star David Hartman was not going to be interviewing Carlo it was fun stuff. First time in it because she wasn't meant to wasn't exactly nice to meet baptism by full. I gotta love those looks revived within the interview not Charlie Diane I get that I found. Yeah sorry. Praying and caught. This junk this keep it real people give it real. It's clear first day. Actually brought it has to first days moved there was the first the ozone is a regular every day than remember that was in 1986 but my first first day was filling in. For John Coleman who was the original wedeman a Good Morning America so it was 1977. August 7 seventh I was doing whether it WABC. Which is where Sam chipping Norton wonder how are dot and I were set out to Chicago which is where John Coleman to the weather because in those days you may had. They were there was a different locations around the country. Simon John Coleman sat in Chicago and I've never been nervous before on the air my entire life of my stomach was in knots that date that would be a Good Morning America on national TV set at this your piece in. And I want to go to the bathroom but I'm afraid to go has had made up. You know finish. I don't waiting to be introduced and all of a sudden I hear David Hartman forcing. And helpful if John Coleman today it is Spencer Christian from our flagship station here WC new York and he's in Chicago Specter. What's the weather going to be and do something about David's voice that was so comforting. And so reassuring them right away my nervousness went away and and a star was born. Clinton pardoned. Charlie you're innocent tie and viewers anti the first day. Hey would be. I currently your on the beach yes pitcher Ryan work efficiently. They Laura doing the studio. And those of the coat and Jim Mueller. And I want delivered to him. And said you look stupid can. Now I yeah. Pie and I'm button near you volatile off then you probably thought what did I get myself into a that earlier this kind of show. Actually. There was a day David handed off to be on a Friday. David I don't remember you I used to be a runner in those days you give me running map of central parentage until hell. Analog partner well you can break the bank of those presents a you always had a reputation of a Jeep and you lived up. Kettle black. I assumed the mantle and delicate. First it was at one on the beach and and I was scared to death. And I remember. You get the homer to get the packets and whenever and I was reading those packets every word until about 1 o'clock in the morning. And a hello thought wouldn't be up into the open for hours. Is this is your life and I thought. I can't read everything every night but but but those that first week I was terrified. And you wrote about the book you were very you've Joan just published a new book which I have no piece of if you wanna buy it's great but I don't know. But Joseph remembers that my dad came my dad was very sick my dad came that first week. And Joan. As she often did. Made him pull the wool leather and we. I would not to dinner where you and your dad that night or so and I was asking your dad what kind of a child you were what you like when you're a little boy average and we'll. Yeah. Yeah. Me. Charlie. Always was fascinated. With Washington with the government how we ran a country. He was reading the congressional record when he was about eight years on threats others. Then there was that first day is okay. And we have word you were thrown into the breach we didn't have thirty years actually to bear but the show it's obviously. Well established. But what I remember best is at the end of the show. Because I had done this before and you gonna do CBS agenda for years here and I remember at the end of the show you just collapse. There had to hunt an island it rested yeah. Because I thought I was a magazine reporter I was on the plane to Afghanistan all the time it never occurred to me the being in this studio was going to be at the Taft alive and that I couldn't find a camera that was going to the wrong. Engine is as you remember. You what it was a New Year's he and Bryant. When we agree in. We agreed on you'll gonna do they done just a Christmas she was interviewed see you wouldn't know who you're using would be even more telling my. I all of the I don't agree to come in for three months just and eleven years later yeah. There's. We did that for a long time about but I remember you said to me. And then to actually this is Joan so we we both we both had this conversation. Joan and I had a conversation. Saying there is warranted the ending any jealousy between. Let me give credit where credit is do you had not been on the air yet you came into the office to move into your. Physical office Eddie came into my office and close the door behind him. And he said. Let's not fight over any spots. Let's really show America we're going to be you know 5050. And I know you you know spot for me here and I appreciate it and we're gonna really be a great team. Let's say it let's shake hotter right now from and I was so friend of the show that in general for where gone through that is because as I was trying to go to the wrong in her view walking in the camera teams chuckling about it. You called me you called. Me and you said. Any interview that you want to do fines from Hewlett. And if you think there's something that I do. That's going to and end and you have to have that. Level of feeling about the person you wouldn't be closed. If you're if the person next to you is not doing well you're not doing. Can I started to see what you would do that was part of the pleasure move. We will look at some. What I did today. She had its. Hollywood already. It pick up that now we urge you and it is obligated WABC what was like for you to come over here that you may well it's funny because I feel like. I it's hard for me to remember a first date because I had a first day with every team. Since 1989. So Dave and was the only one I had not worked with on the air. And so I came in with Charlie and Joan and I tell the story all the time I remember Diana's first day. On the set before anybody knew Diane Sawyer was coming and I've told this to you a few times to. I don't know why was on the set but I remember seeing Diane Sawyer walking and I swear I believe it was blue that you wearing a blue. Jacket then and skirt. And and that set just got so quiet is Diane Sawyer was walking through the senate and so I have all these incredible memory site I got to fill in for Spencer Christian. You know what I mean I mean that you know it was crazy. And and that's how it started I also made the mistake of living up the street. Next so I ever spent their what is this leader. It Aaron be subtle way up my adored adored I don't care you run across the street metal and for Spencer just. Sometimes there. I got a chance to work. On the yeah with with Robin and Diane for the first the first time to really come on you know full on that as as a team member. And eight there were incredible memories the very first picture when I tweeted out. When I was thinking about coming back to do this was GMA your house there are so many things that we did you know that you do is a team when you go. Then you just become so close when you travel like that together you know when the whole show. And learning from each other with everybody watching. News does have a feeling that we were in a constant conversation and it kind of funny because it starts with probably David not probably it's in each one of us has learned from the person that we. And sat down next you know yeah. They have wonderful it I have to say as you well but he's serious slate he was like. Patty and a professor that was there that was very yeah. Very generous with it with healthy mean you knew I was coming from local news coming to a national show. For all of a sudden you do seminary lied interviews a morning. 18 totally different subjects when you're used to being a reporter going out and doing a story coming back and finding your best parts of Manhattan to appease. The fact it is. We were or learn from day one every day you hear me more than anymore. Because it was a new you don't know that they'll because you always think everybody else is smarter and faster at motivated you are so you don't know whatever batchelor live there. Area today. And it was justice. Woo cross idea of figuring out for ourselves and then coming together the team for Finland who talked. We think it takes the Billiton and Joni what you're saying. Island from the absolute best. I mean sitting next to. Charles I wouldn't be I don't know Charlie and I were solid exactly what you're saying about this man right here just so incredibly generous. I mean I'm coming from ESP and I think even that's still a pig tails both. And we had to do. Let's let's respect. Always treated me and and helping you learn how we learned I had the first two days when I came in. Antonio Mora Antonio Mora left to go to Chicago so I became. The newsreader and then in 2005 becoming I mean to cut later and I felt that people I wanna shout at people at home to going it. Or. That was what you were talking about I knew that you fought for me to be there and wanted me to be there and then win. We lost Tony Perkins that'd be CNN revealed that west and I think you know standards right next door we. Captain know one another and just really worked together and you know you both where there are my parents. Further fuels. And all the way down with the opening Diane with in our yard. The morning after my dad is passed. We remember we're pulling out of billion she's gorgeous he's been very good we're going to the funeral home. And you you had that you're here with Olivia had he had to classes that we didn't know who was amount of the fat fat fat diet is. We had to go to the funeral home and so the neighbor brought history. Came to letter N and when she realized it was Diane she was found like I would awards show was I didn't. We don't have stories like that we don't have some outdoors but Bettman would put. I remember each and every one of Jones babies I remember staying behind the sets and holding on to the kids while you were on TV I mean are they were always back there on the so. I'm at went I had Jamie youth had bridge and reduce. What I had Lindsey you've had been Connor. And then we were out in LA. Doing a week in Hollywood if I remember this correctly and we were on the set of some show I remember which set. And I made the announcement. I said I'm making Avant investments make. Cholesterol this think that I just can't wait. And I am going to have another baby and you said. I'm I gotta gotta go call my wife to city. Out I don't know that Diane your would have to leave symbols can we take a photo before you go. I don't student who's been here. And they are no longer I don't. Is. You know been taking our photographs since the very first. Old don't give Whitman. Yeah I know how this happened I'm only 21 years old and I've been here for 35 yeah. How do you honestly I don't know how do you want to look if you can sit down and done David in the middle please let them. Spencer similar. Weird my days anywhere simply won't ruin or the kids movie that didn't read the it can't table and developmental don't Lagos there can't. Does weather guys and Haggar perfect a perfect yes you know Spencer you people poke your head through. Then we'll put very I hope I have hi. I'm Kate right idea nice picture everybody. Thank you. Thank you very very much bishop is the I would love to have been well I think Eddie is selling the Mattox. Do we look like modern family. After Ethiopia comment. Senator aiding him. Have one rob and shout out just. Yes yes you all get together you know what you have given them home and shut. So has been any of us. From that is built on a family and human beings than Robert don't know. I. I could do with a look at this point cable why don't you say just building on the foundation is building on an incredible foundation regulate you're somebody who many here. You mentioned and if somebody wants to know why you relate to people. So well and why people relate to this program you all they have to have known as your parents. Her mom and dad were. Truly truly we were looking at you and I were so lucky to know them. And they the same way about you guys they are terrific man and what service you do this country yet. Flying most things and we're we're two pivotal. This is turn into the Robin Roberts Joey Harrington forty Burton has it right now of the big yacht Vega who got to get this woman out of here you've got a lot that the that they can look at my. Connecticut but Diane we will carry our senior Karen yes I think Arianna show tomorrow. I have fun I think human people who left and pictured.

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