Martha Raddatz Reports From Iraq on ISIS Fight

The ABC News correspondent gives the latest update on the fighting against ISIS.
4:53 | 11/18/15

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Transcript for Martha Raddatz Reports From Iraq on ISIS Fight
Delegates and it is that we had between four hours and was a big Newsday as well we came in this morning. Paris was in the middle of a seven hour fire fight. As as French authorities have closed in and I sell which they believed. It carried out go Hamid abode the mastermind. These attacks in Paris still waiting to find out if he indeed was among those killed. In that raid five people arrested two killed including one woman with a suicide vest and all of this stems from. The ice a stronghold in Syria. Our chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz is nearby there she's in Iraq right now Martha and enjoy his right now William exactly. I actually in her deal in Iraq and this asserted when you think about it we're most soul is about fifty miles. To our west that's this second largest city that's been held by prices for about a year and a half. And then it me you know this is a pretty effort I've pretty bad area about where we are is is considered a safe tape and can you tell how much. The military activities stepped up and he just got on the ground in the last 24 hours or so but how much military activity has stepped up. Since these attacks on Friday night. I think I think when you look at it it's stepped up in many ways because they want to do these retaliatory strikes we talked about. The Russians are saying they did 65. Bombing runs or sororities today. The US here in Iraq today a US military spokesman basically said they couldn't confirm what the Russians were saying because there is cloud cover. I can confirm their fears cloud cover so it's a little hard to do bond damage assessment about things like that I assume that those cruise missiles. Most of them probably hit their mark yesterday and then again they have these bombing runs today one of the things so that surprised me and I'm not I'm not sure why he sort of went after the Russians what's the military spokesman here. Started basically making fun of the Russians saying there equipment to their airplanes antiquated. They use these aren't big. Large runs of aircraft put a lot of aircraft in the air and they are dropping those so called dumb bombs not precision weapons. And this military spokesman. It's basically saying look you know they don't know how to do this precision strikes anyway and they are using these dumb bombs but the real point of what he was saying and it's really a concern. Is with those dumb bombs. You hit a civilian population you've it is a civilian senator. And it's very likely you will kill civilians that I that it had really truly does. Because he's like another recruiting tool for price is right there you know that a lot of talk about this interview I had with President Obama last week where he said that I aces. Was contain the White House has since come back and said that he was simply referring to. If things I the situation on the ground inside Iraq and to some extent. In Syria and duties pointing to the Kurdish offensive last week which is show some success. He explained exactly what's been happening on the ground before this stepped up bombing. Good is sort of the military turned their that you want to continue where she's saying what he's talking about is. Is ice is hasn't gone in and taken. More territory they've had to stay in their place. And yet when you stay in your place it it it actually makes it harder to bar on them. Because then they mix in with civilians. Then they're not out there in their convoys and they're not doing things that would make it easier to bomb what has happened. In the last couple of weeks. Is the passion or give the Kurds were able to go in and take this city its insurer. That hasn't BN under control of prices for well over a year. So they took it back to the remarks to reports from around the area and when we're. You know maybe four hours away from cities are we actually drove up. Near there. Tonight about halfway there tonight but what reports are is that ice is really didn't put up any resistance sort of Weickel Barney in Syria that. They did they just moved out we never sort of a fierce firefight going in the past for America moved in that ice is just sort of disappeared they didn't fight. For singe our. And like the body in Syria soon jar is pretty much destroyed so you're still gonna have these refugees living out here they really can't go back. But I know some people have gone back to come Barney. But I think 70% of that city is destroyed I think it's probably about the same lessons are so that's been happening on the ground. Iraqi forces move into places sometimes successful sometimes it isn't they they they truly have had some successes. But again the second largest city still under control devices Fallujah in all of them all out of our the west much of that still control or contest it. My eyes it's OK Martha Raddatz thanks very much I know it's very laid bare as well but thanks for single.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"The ABC News correspondent gives the latest update on the fighting against ISIS.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35290801","title":"Martha Raddatz Reports From Iraq on ISIS Fight","url":"/GMA/video/gma-40-40-martha-raddatz-reports-iraq-35290801"}