'GMA' Cookie Search: Baking With Cookies for Kids' Cancer

Chef Dan Kluger and Gretchen Holt-Witt bake tried-and-true sparkly ginger snaps and black-and-white cookies, live.
23:45 | 12/14/16

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Transcript for 'GMA' Cookie Search: Baking With Cookies for Kids' Cancer
Hey good morning everybody it east cookie time good morning America's will get here eight Greenwich Village. That beautiful morning I have to say it's. Poll places not congratulates the sap and older outlawing place Dick Lugar joining us live this morning. Along wit cracks holes where it who's the founder of cookies for kids cancer and I would start with that right there because. This time of year where not only are we eating cookies when it's time to get them out there and that's what. You've done we cookies for that taught me a little bit about. That or. H ax eight. Check Amazon says it part is that it's cancer so in my case I really am looking to being shot. It's diagnosed cancer in 2000 after. Term me with wax paper spoke at the time it is that that he would lots and iron like. He really didn't. Is it. What you want it to you was equipment for others. It's eight that you hear me up. So. I'm Leon was cancer pretty excited that I wanted to get it helped raise money for cancer which is there. And us. I'm excited if you connect with. Nice house it's. Just if you just an app apple could lessen her. A actually sold out on the streets. No. Way hurt. It past. Its. It. It's. Has. It's. Here's the partly. Think it it's. Me. And here. It's. Any money in real. I. This theory. Here. Is. It's. Challenge. So Everett. Is that everything is evening out here. It's time to base. At some I asked me. That's. That's amazing so not only do you get to bait and to eat but you get to the it. Times you. So yes that's that's incredible and I don't right now fair folks who are joining us our FaceBook page or an abcnews.com. We got the link the because he's rickets cancers that put the link go there don't eight and then. You get to feel twice as good because you're donating two times as much. How is it that. I hired at the eighth the greeting surrounded. I feel like this three east and then. He'll. For its problems meeting its network that. That's incredible thing you so much burden here and I'll without because you are you Napster. So Dan you are the cookie master the cookie months that the deeper cuts there. I've heard it before. You look at different yet. We're making. The right here right the classic New York black and white cookie. So for votes or joining us on our lives. Now's the time get get to the kitchen keep the lacks enough and we're going to be making if you happen to you or use. It now. This is light. Cool what you. Yeah. The New York. Well. But. It's like that's exactly right yes there. And you know if it were everywhere already after this. But. Our rights it should restarts. You partner are. We face here. Yet so again I love cookies in in developing the picture menu with their issues. We took a game date cookies in. And I really want to something that. Spoke to me about my child and upgrade. And us agency for people. Again chocolate chip cookies. Talk vehicle the vehicle accurately estimate. All the time Kidd and in the black light which was really that treat that my father so remote from. Some some values something when it was a tree. So for folks are coming here at this this is on the menu is that commitment and we're getting sneak peek of how to make just part of it at home. Results of the suspect that we got the butter so we're starlet plotters are there. And that is corporate total about what we're basically in Crete proof. I didn't know infinitely. The ATF from. Point. That could. Things that day. We partner. It's an effect on Chester. As suspects there at the calories 2.2. Million dollars in free here yes. It's my it's. Yeah. We its twenty plus. Week's what if question. Unity they're pleased but they got the invite them. Yup not just up on where we are here. He does that even doing about it. Until all athletes. Is and as powerful thing. I night after capped at. Be able to express hungry and I am its just not possible. But every time I meet handling child. It's. Since apple thing ever and it's an honor and it's it's what resent it when it's. It's amazing that. You. Happen able to inspire somebody votes around the country and around the world even edit it it's it's you know you took the initiative and we are grateful at GMA as a concept and it's you'd be able to work with you for something like this. You know that acts as much as you say you don't the words 688 Q we don't the words to you so you know. It's. Passed it's. It's. Top. Person. Who gets. As he. Workers. That. Now. Our future. Network. Edged past. If there. Are. Here. You. So speaking of cookies. How are we coming together over here and. At this together. Steve it. Again. This one event refunding. Fifteen trials. Trials three of them it. What these statistics yes and that that's something that you just can't. And we. And so. So. Sensors it. Well Pope. And it's often it is very sad thing. Jump like your all of his and sponsorships. Through. Amazing. Yes fifth. And again. Set road. There's tons of equipment and funds. Because the support. The fact is there's. So I don't think any show you base your risk of all about it here right and then from there we have a about it. And this is very simple. Economy. Asked. That aside. Gretchen doesn't use things that this test the idea some who keep us. At that. When in Rome. So basically we just heightens out. Doesn't want the art works and it. Aminu. Or. No my FaceBook maybe the FDA lane. Come down street it's an act. Totally. Yeah. Birthdays. The the and we want to use want Seth. Room to. And defense of its appearance since intensity and it's like. Retreat. There. Now it is. The main thing years you'll like. Rusty four or. These movements. It. And basically start. And we while once. True. Fortunes. Gorgeous where it is. And if you are making these. Yet. And it's equally. Beautiful. Reports rent a little off the I can't. But. It's still that you have something you can do it you have talent with the children and here I go up but. Or. Us. She would be so happy. Black and whites straight from Laurie in place. Not moderate. Luring would you like you. Lorraine credited with Lorraine at the glory of debris are. Lorraine good. That's actually pretty funny. Artists did this case I know it cuts it's not hard to that now. I see him this is secretly. It won't let this it. 1015 minutes so. Get a little bit here and work things again you know I try not to. Just do everything wrong. Austria booksellers being that this is based on black alike cookie but the prospect. Which do it different standards. Which really comes from. My mom seemed to put lemon. Almost every dessert I'm choose to make cookies like this. That was a lemon cookie she dipped in chocolate. Ounces embryo is then went to animate them as it was obvious. Yes yes and now it's just water main so it lists. And I look to. The idea that you are incorporating easily amongst humans what you today you know when you're making Christmas and it's like we've been doing a DNA in the past couple weeks. That they are putting up every twist on it is really like what makes it so you got eleven. You know it was going on here folks are making it all make ends meet and there and the. Of course of course. Yeah I mean for me. Found would do my own restaurant there was an strong senses. Trying to connect him access to me like I don't. Looking at shipment. The part meant. Cultural. Some. It's Italian cruise Spiller. Right now it is yours it goes where for its they knew who center. Cited out. More active mostly. Stuck with me. In. Other places throughout the space to me. It. Industry that there. It. Think that it went. LT visited. Well evidently decided on. On the restaurant is beautiful than and you obviously earlier looks incredible. And it's only been open for a few days so it you guys are coming to you are you have to sweep back Greenwich Village and cutlery placed the do you now open for this. So. Slick body and if you can't pay its New York you can't get involved and and help fund research for pediatric pediatric cancer. Because. Cookies for its cancer. It's now my new menu. Favorite thing. There. There are well think he thinks. Conflict try to. Accurate cook but some of it sitting there watching them you missed the top. Yeah. Exactly that anyone else and that an executive Sola. Serious ready service. Thank you. Mobile lab and I love it it's so good incredible. Everyone. GM is great American Christmas that search concludes tomorrow on today. I suppose that its concluding weapons and he hit it. I was about the work place Saturday and Latin. That you and is that lack tomorrow on Eee PC. Are they grand finale is going to be something that is going to be spectacular and it's going to be very very sweet almond like we've been saying. Legally right here on our FaceBook page to cookies for kids cancer you can click that link and the involved and you donate now for the holidays. Here. For now. That's incredible. So I think he needed another reason to do it now's the time go go go go now it's it's anything. For not a lot of pop up of our lives we'll hands and but will see you guys are on TNA.

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{"duration":"23:45","description":"Chef Dan Kluger and Gretchen Holt-Witt bake tried-and-true sparkly ginger snaps and black-and-white cookies, live. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44194732","title":"'GMA' Cookie Search: Baking With Cookies for Kids' Cancer","url":"/GMA/video/gma-cookie-search-baking-cookies-kids-cancer-44194732"}