Ahmed Mohamed, Texas Teen Arrested for Clock, Was 'Scared' During Arrest

The Texas teen, who was arrested after school officials mistook his homemade digital clock for a bomb, says he wants to be an engineer.
4:53 | 09/17/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ahmed Mohamed, Texas Teen Arrested for Clock, Was 'Scared' During Arrest
We begin this half hour with that 14-year-old high school student, arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school. His teacher thought that the device was a bomb. The backlash to his arrest was swift online. The #istandwithahmed becoming a top trend with responses from silicon valley to the white house. Ahmed Mohamed is going to join us in just a moment. First, ABC's Ryan Owens has his story. Reporter: This high school freshman loves to tinker with all things electronic. But his lat invention got the 14-year-old hauled in handcuffs to the police station in Irving, Texas. Take a look at his homemade digital clock, a maze of wires and circuit boards inside a metal case. He built it at home to impress his teachers, but one of them thought it might be a bomb and alerted authorities. That's a very suspicious device. We live in an age where you can't take things like that to school. Reporter: But arresting a 14 yoorld. I think this wouldn't even be a question if his name wasn't Ahmed Mohamed. Reporter: Police are standing by their initial response, so are school officials who suspended him for three days. This morning he's something of a techie superstar. Twitter inviting him to intern. Google asking him to their science fair, mark Zuckerberg wants him to visit Facebook and even the president of the united States tweeting him. Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring to the white house? Are you going to bring it to the house? Yes. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Ryan Owens, ABC news, Irving, Texas. All right, Ryan, thank you very much and now we're going to talk with Ahmed Mohamed. He joins us outside of his home in Dallas. So good to see you and to get a chance to talk with you, Ahmed. Tell us about why you decided to design this clock and bring it to school. I brought the clock to impress my teachers and I guess I did show it to her, she was kind of scared, what she saw. She saw a clock but in her opinion it looked like a threat to her so -- When police were brought in, did you think, this -- what went through your mind when you saw the police and you were handcuffed? It felt really weird getting arrested because I never thought I'd ever get arrested. What did you tell the police about your clock? I repeatedly told them it's a clock. Were you allowed to talk to your parents? What did your parents Welack to "Gma." You are looking at the aftermath of that dpedly earthquake in Chile overnight. 8.3 magnitude, a million people race INT fearing a sun As we say good morning, amica,ern T oshi Thursday and here are some other big headlines we're following, as well. From the president of the united States and I heard that you said you're going to take him up on the offer and go to the white house? Yes, I will accept his offer and I will -- Will you bring the clock with you? The clock is still in the custody with the police. Do you want it back? I want it back with my mew hillty. Ah, ah. Because you have been suspended from this school. What are your future plans, Ahmed? That clock was part of my future plan. Your future plan, do they also include being on a little show called "Shark tank." You said you had been watching it since you were a child as you put it. I watched it and at the age of 14 I guess I have a chance to be on there. Do you have something with you. It's a media player. Have you always been fascinated with things like that, doing things like that? This is not my first ininvestigation and it won't be my last invention. Something tells me we have not heard the last from Ahmed Mohamed. You have your -- you're a bright young plan with a bright future. Thanks for joining us. We wish you all the best. And good morning, America. He did that all on his own. Maybe he can work on the packaging. Yes, Y sh, but he said it's not his last design. M.I.t., that was great. That phone call between Elton John and Vladimir Putin, a prank.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"The Texas teen, who was arrested after school officials mistook his homemade digital clock for a bomb, says he wants to be an engineer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33825334","title":"Ahmed Mohamed, Texas Teen Arrested for Clock, Was 'Scared' During Arrest","url":"/GMA/video/gma-exclusive-ahmed-mohamed-speaks-clock-arrest-controversy-33825334"}