GMA LIVE (12.27.13)

Check out the funniest moments of the week from "GMA" and "GMA Live!"
3:00 | 12/27/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (12.27.13)
-- eight dollars and cutting. I'm a serious journalist played down then you know you always one extra copy of your own C yeah. -- get this. -- -- -- -- -- It's taken over today I'm nervous I'm. So we made good. Three different flavor is. -- give it a little girl is already sunk. Predominantly hairy there I'm really excited tell you they're not but it all is coming up on our GMA mourning -- first in pop music just to have. Jimmy Fallon Justin Timberlake and magic on -- now. -- -- look at that house Brian Larson over Illinois. 2400. Strobe lights six lasers and millions fountain. How is -- environmental. Little baby -- They haven't got a supercharged being held. In the end we always play them we always liked them and I always wonder what the -- -- yes. He never I'm wondering what Beethoven's. Don't look for that all of you got calmer setting their strategies Christmas shopping Samantha. Mike Stanley hates me but -- -- -- there is -- -- with her little Ralph in matching Christmas one of these. And she tweeted that that is happening. Right now -- vacancy and thank you for sharing it just makes me feel better because I changed out of the -- for church and promptly changed right back into them. With pleasure I told you earlier I changed. Out of mind into another pair that I -- Africa I don't know I'd like to. Joining I want to see it was I would say this it was like lime green a whole lot a lot of lot of pictures I think. You know it's it's the support of disgust that I really -- We want to see pick up everybody usually do I don't know about yeah. Never make fun of you don't worry -- it doesn't have never son -- -- endless loop. To new beginnings -- I give this to you for -- wedding. This model. I'm know this this exact one. Posted by Jeanne Allen with musical guest Justin Timberlake the -- is such good friends off camera proved quite -- comedy duo on camera from their -- Wrap up of the year. So much fun throughout the -- and -- barely keep it together. As you might notice in this round of celebrity family feud with Timberlake. Playing Fallon. -- just couldn't keep it together as a star studded. -- now featuring cameos from Paul McCartney yeah Madonna and Mayor Bloomberg who is very very funny. Did you remember when -- introduced guys just generally be amazed how could really get out of. Really fine and then finally on. It's a Merry Christmas snapshot from our friends in the animal kingdom is good really -- some. -- bring you we wish you make Christmas the mountain climbers addition to. I -- you. Frequently -- animal heading into Christmas. Yeah I mean -- If this Christmas I'm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know what's embarrassing. Is when -- your fiance loves to take pictures of you. That I'm not so I will hear nothing. Negative -- -- -- -- -- a wonderful man Aaron one of the greatest guys but let's go ahead look at what we did our holiday -- -- I thought -- I doubt that Baghdad. That I just let it hit movie -- a crazy person in the greeted right -- -- and now Nigeria as you -- them that they're crazy -- in -- -- and I noticed when not -- and lastly had a tree so we're all looking at street trying to get. Voted for like he had -- home -- the there would put there it looks like you're looking at a double rainbow. -- never -- you know there's nothing you can do to a friend that -- all of. No he does -- food does not matter. Anyway they would put those we weren't actual parties toward to a party really mad -- America. -- -- -- We did hear me coming up as -- and you lost I had some fun yet welcome your animal every time. -- leave the apartment my wife text me updates on the pastor doing at any given moment we agree had -- and they want fun we're having people away. This guy alive again all know. There's -- she got one of the cat's case that animal. And I believe we have a picture he is not impressed. -- totally united and and his name is Steve by the way most of his teeth were. Were removed from any at a complicated dental problem -- -- column ruthless and toothless. And that's probably why is not very happy my candidacy -- actually usable. -- -- generally. Was skeptical little -- cut act things change I think we have an update this picture. Even his twin brother got -- fell eleven -- an hour later they're paying a little map. Philadelphia -- made a cat daddy. Senior flip flop dad you've doubled yes and -- A couple things now check out this short video video taken from our neighbors in the north it shows a very brave suburbanites. In Cambridge Ontario going yes gates down the street. Ginger can you explain -- I and I can actually had -- down my wealthiest people last night he keeps going in and -- -- send help turn the temperature of Somerville and wearing. In the freezing rain as that that comes down and that's different -- -- I know you -- know the difference freezing rain then. The surf and the service is colder in the air around it. For the rain immediately signaled the beginning I think we -- you get about whether night and I know with a family friend and I and then it adds up in the eyes sad about that he had really really excited about whether. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As I have loved head of the day because I know nothing gets you more excitement -- That's NN -- and I react and mostly. -- -- -- there I don't know the a water -- so they had to. Every puppy love water bottles -- didn't. Today as well enough I didn't stack up million bottles but -- Do we start after the beginning forgive that's actually malaria that this -- -- walked up to somebody is carefully constructed at age. House of water bottles and -- ago. -- -- -- -- Paris and then now. -- -- -- -- -- -- This Christmas -- -- Jimmy glad I'm out of the amateur hour. Kinda think things he did people who mean the most to you and you have been such a thing -- -- on -- us. And US -- -- has that is really what a better way. What better way to thank -- -- -- to humiliate -- on the -- Create -- emanating -- I don't and -- -- -- would you like some cranberries and Fries from a mother and daughter and our future well okay. So -- yeah yeah yeah right -- -- center and I spent a lot of time we're hearing people who work with the. When -- -- Molly roster targets number one to. They fluctuate and three and four. Yeah Smith yeah. Thanks happy holidays has had -- --

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