'GMA' shares top book picks for summer

Vanity Fair Books Columnist Sloane Crosby dishes on some of must-read books to add to your reading list summer.
3:39 | 07/19/17

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Transcript for 'GMA' shares top book picks for summer
read in the summer. Get ready for our "Gma" must read list. "Insecure's" Issa Rae back with us. And author and vanity fair writer Sloan is here with us. So glad you're here. We decided to go to our viewers. What are their questions? Take a listen. I love anything that is going to make me bite my nails as much as "Girl on the train" did. What's the next thriller? So -- Issa, present -- "The lyinging game." Why? Well, first of all, it's a very cinematically famous book. It reminded me of the secret history. If you took the most suspenseful elements and put it in the book. Is it spooky? Can't sleep at night? Sounds like a must read. Another question from one of our viewers. Take a listen. I'll be people-watching and sipping rose on the beach this weekend. Any suctions for something light and fun? "Fitness junkie." Very light. Very fun. A woman whose boss tell us her she has to lose 30 pounds or lose her job. It's a feminist-adjacent satire. It's lots of fun. You like it? You should read it. I have to start with "The lying game." I'm hooked. Here we go. One more viewer question. For our experts. Sloan are you ready? I am. Take it away. Hey, "Gma." I'm looking for a great memboir this summer suggestions? "The rules do not apply." It's not uplifting. But it's beautifully written and funny. It's about loss and grief and -- you'll love it. Realdy deep. Well written. It's actually really beautiful. Not good to be sad in the summer. You're wrying them down? Yeah. We have our picks. We did our segment. We wanted to share with you some new ones. This one, I was inspired by, dud you see Ryan Murphy's feud? Oh, my godness gracious. I heard if you liked "The feud" the real-life story about Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. The book is incredible. I cannot put it down. That is my summer read. It's Hollywood at its greatest and worst. But delicious. What else? "The answers" by Catherine Lacey. It has the weirdness and the thought-provoking curiosity of a fall read. It's about an ablgter who is very famous. Who hires a set of different women all to sort of become a kind of girlfriend for him. Very specific. Midsummer read. Quick? I have to shout out my girl, gabourey sidibe. She's so fierce. She's my senegalese sister. I wanted a book with confidence. I need the phone that's where I happen to

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{"id":48716147,"title":"'GMA' shares top book picks for summer ","duration":"3:39","description":"Vanity Fair Books Columnist Sloane Crosby dishes on some of must-read books to add to your reading list summer. ","url":"/GMA/video/gma-shares-top-book-picks-summer-48716147","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}