'GMA' gives 3 women makeovers to help them drop a decade

Experts share tips and change the hair and makeup of three women on "GMA" to help them look younger.
5:43 | 04/19/17

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Transcript for 'GMA' gives 3 women makeovers to help them drop a decade
helping you drop a decade without going under the knife or using a needle. "Allure" editor in chief Michelle Lee is here with some great tips. Welcome. Hi there. Good morning. Your beautiful spring patterns. Same. Thank you. Let's talk about this concept. Possible really to look a decade younger. Absolutely. Well, I think it's really about there are certain thinks people doing, the wrong hair, skin care and makeup is adding years so by making a really simple changes you can shave off ten years. And it's individual for every person but we have great tips we hope will help you. We'll start with Sarah. A before look. She wanted to look younger and decided maybe adding some colorful streaks, purple, to be exact would do the trick and in fact, she thought she just looked silly. She didn't love it and honestly everything about the look was weighing her down. As we age bewant to remember gravity tends to pull things up. Bring it back up. Whole new look, whole new color. Let's see it, Sarah, come on out. Oh, the hair looks great. I love that cut. Hi. How do you like it? I love it. It's fun. It's choppy and young and fun. Talk to me about the inspiration. A lot of what was happening with Sarah was the color. We had the purple but also she had this dark one-dimensional color weighing her down so we gave her really beautiful soft highlights and also don't be afraid of bangs. Everyone thinks of bangs as the straight ahead choppy bang but we gave her this nice, soft loose bang swept to the side and helped flatter her taste and makes her look so youthful. I love a bang too. You think the -- I did them a couple of weeks ago. Clip-on bangs, is that a good idea? Totally great. A bad clip-on bang, not so cute. Please use caution. We'll move on to Hur second gal. Nadine, she wanted a makeup makeover and we got a picture of her before look so now we want to show you the new Nadine. ??? Work it. Mission Nadine, I can tell -- I can tell by the way you're walking you feel really good. I feel great. I will tell you when we saw Nadine backstage she is loving this new look and I love it too. I like it too. There's something -- is it the eye shadows, you're using a nonfrosted. Nadine for one was still wearing a very black eyeliner and lining the entire eye so we switched up colors to do a more warm brown which softened the look and a took a cotton swab and winged it out in the corner to give lift and the frosted and metallic look for the eye shadow was aging her so changed it out to a warm sheen and also lip color was the big one. Anything that's really about metallics and irguess leapt colors will age you so changed it out to a creamy nude and looks beautiful. Yeah, it does, Nadine. You look great. Enjoy it. Thank you. And then finally, we have one more. Everybody meet Sharon. Sharon wanted some help with sun spots and academy scar, something a lot experience, visible pores. There you are before and here she is after. Sharon. Champion champion. Sharon, you got the same strut as Nadine. How do you feel. Absolutely beautiful. There's a couple of great tips. Sharon was dealing with issues with her skin and I think that all of us think when we have issues with our skin we'll spackle on the foundation. It's totally the wrong way to go. Have a more sheer look so what we did is used a moisturizing primer under her product especially when it comes to concealer you really want to make sure you're creating a nice canvas underneath. Invest in a primer. Primer, super important. Especially as we get older. And then the other big thing is using a damp makeup sponge for your foundation so going to be the thing that helps you get that sheer look and not apply too much because you get all the creases later in the day. I want to ask about these. I think a lot are intimidated by them. Seem like a strange foam egg. Not that hard to use. Not hard to use at all. So what you want to do, dip in the water and squeeze out the water and put foundation on the back of your hand, just dip that in and -- It's going to go on much lighter. Absolutely. It's going to give you a nice air brush look. So really good tips here. Primer and a lot have spf built in, as well. Yeah. So, I want to ask you again, do you feel like we've shaved ten years off your life. Absolutely, I definitely feel younger. I'm so glad. You all look incredible. Thank you. No knife, no needles. Just really great tips. We thank you, as always, please come back, well, the families are not miked but I want to get a shot over here really quickly. Reaction to your loved ones? How many year, 15? 15? We're just going to throw it up a notch. Thanks so much for coming. Thanks for taking the chance and as always you deliver in a major, major way.

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{"id":46876942,"title":"'GMA' gives 3 women makeovers to help them drop a decade","duration":"5:43","description":"Experts share tips and change the hair and makeup of three women on \"GMA\" to help them look younger. ","url":"/GMA/video/gma-women-makeovers-drop-decade-46876942","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}