'GMA' Workout Wednesday With Tracy Anderson

Fitness expert Tracy Anderson leads a routine from her new TA VA dance cardio program for "Good Morning America."
54:48 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for 'GMA' Workout Wednesday With Tracy Anderson
And I acknowledge Yury. You work out well I think I hear it really hate you got I got a little bit on up. There's a lot of energy out here this morning but is there another. Think you all the way at 9 o'clock UK and UR's. Apparently angered dancing for a full hour I know there neither you. But if you are getting packed summer heat and I'm will be on the audience tonight. We didn't translate the how many. Yes but I can't believe that McClellan what he admits taking energy. Independent in the united way out. Let's think it can make a couple hours. And I had a baby talk unleash your hot start I want vacating. We get hot night. And in fact I'm apparently. Now piling into the Euro bought back on each hand and green monster today. Hot and it. It didn't think you're crying and Saturday in front. Calorie. Chandelier Energen today are not a god they would not think Bengali. Contact and global. The hour. I've heard pleading not meaning that you seem confusing. Move would unload than their island and if you. All right it's worked out Wednesday you're telling me. America hitting herald and the name yeah I am glad. I'm packed yeah yeah yeah. I'm not happy it can't the get out. Why yeah. Yeah pet snake yeah. I'm on yeah. But now they ask me. Yeah I'm. I know I'm pat yeah and I'm again I'm yeah. Yeah yeah that night yeah. You cannot act that we're all want it that way. Well yeah what I'm hearing. Well. I. Planned road okay. Yes that's. And that's. Yeah. Second and it's running back at planet. We're going Bartlett. Why can't. There's not a night that lacking the common. Let me yeah. Fearing ethnic make it right. I learned. Have a rotten rotten rotten little happy days and and that the product broadening product middlemen. News that. In and out again and you. Were to cap off their way home in. Thank you haven't. Oh yeah yeah yeah. I'm again hearing. More about it pending during the month when they're right away. March sinking eerie notes that parents say thank. Eight. But things as a pancake. Day I could do it again and got the tag. That's that's it did and that's the beginning around but yeah. I'm. Parent and I'm happy yet the crowd back. And that. And I did I. Take it happen. Today he had again. Time patent pending fake get out I didn't and do it again thank you. I again. Back in the beginning I can hear me and cat crime. I'm. Yeah fat fullback who. I. Meat and gained an athlete he's having here. And today get out of that was. Carried out this new right did it take apple. You can't change that. Things get out eyes. My heart I'm beginning you're getting ahead. I can't be good. Again no. Okay. Okay. OK. OK. Okay. Maybe even that. All plummeting into the what do fireball go about my life. He wanted you know I didn't can you tell them. Blood FaceBook got look and adhere to take the Anderson creator of top which is what we're doing right now I actually. To get back. Back. I've. Out enough I've got that out of my are it's like a little bit Latin inspired. On at Latin. I had it. Out. I try we all agility I've. We wish we had that. Doesn't matter if you dealer if you don't this is a work out that we hope dollar joining us at home or what. Secret to keeping it going to joining along for everyone who is watching. At him knowing that not about perfect your brain actually him. Your partner he picked up it. You can. It. The in the music. Are. You get movement and a little bit early. It's panel here up on morning and here it. Is one. Thing that gets her. It's like you know. We need to. Shop our own. Rock star. Star whenever he. Whatever whatever. Whatever here you're standing. And so those are actually made it let us in the comments what you're lies the stock trades will be here all morning. What can answer that lie. But right now. Again it did not count and Ali act. Out in the rights it is I think. All right go. Yeah. Maybe. The big daddy eerie no question that doubled. Please quit visiting that the Cuban. Double click click click double platinum causey and Raleigh. Pod name calling. Dying body where it got it back out. Path we're just Democrats spent here. What are we doing now we're going no. We thank you know. Marry again. Craig. Gary Kelly taking it back. We do well. I feel like. They're doing great at home. I don't feel like we're out here buyers out. In time's man. Gary don't know don't let thank you John. Hearing out. Where is my name rank of first seeing where Ali. Okay we're actually. Getting out. Another scene now it isn't a little complicated but it actually and Mike team managed dvd. Though there's also little teenager Ana. Had his hearing. I'm sick Saturday we're questioning. Colleen back hot pots stupid down snap snap when it. Claudette pushing back turn our weren't. Pushed back due back to this little tricky. You can get a thank you are right. Folded here. Fat cat and I love you. It's down and out snapple's. Voted. And I'll read more on the global cop turned around. And didn't pick and help man. Piano thing Paul followed Katz I'm take you back. The leg that. It got that yeah. Let me. Thank you create spot that you out flying. Take it back. Alley way. I don't know figuring out bringing up front this half. Not. I'm. Happy egg and I know. I again. I'm not it and have you can I. Yeah yeah yeah. Up cars I bet it did it and push back. Of course you can listen to good thing it. We believe the answer you really think this thing even on ice training platform that don't want you learning and it. You've been bad news and learning and you. And we picked them up alive. The muscular not sure which is not your company where you. Not that different art. Get paid. We'll still Mary Lou. Maldini and theory. Big name. Paul Clinton let's pick apart weren't. People. I'll pay anyway I've got and that's why. I gave me the town and I tonight. An outlook warning that might not parents would be and a seven figure all that up for your. I can't. And you would definitely lose the baby wailing and work out that all you can do it makes a lot of see your doctor okay you can work out. And in a month and aren't paying that you start doing it because it's really really didn't cause. They reconnect your body after having a baby boom town where the biggest yeah. Good morning. It's really keen on my love I online community and its seeming immunity because everybody hug each other hello I'm. And that's really keen. On the view and I think he's running around. If you if you can't think that yes we get everybody happy of the art is not aware of and who's starting at Richland county get you can be able to the in the game can be optimize to learn. A lot of calories and now. You have to start somewhere on Saturday attacked from Whitman cannot start at all I think he's an exit eleven wrote my that would net and it when you can't exactly say I'm a big dinner. I can only do this right now which is by. Many you know what is hot early my partner and your clients yet and I like that denouncing him and like crazy. So start there is no way you can push myself forward we think you have to kind of be brave. His staying home and I can really do now Dominic fry and coming out and no and no one got CEOs. And main street don't judge your thousands. King. Mary I'm Iran has. Definitely gotten really any. Sorry yeah any are I was. Carrying out the that's it I get pregnant dying. I did my favorites on him. You can't hear night train lane than we. Figuring out. It's not about. Yes you can. Yeah. Under me hitting and what happened. Okay. Yeah. Crime cracked hip and up next front. Private practice did end up piles finds prop open ended and well. Fat. Carried out. Bryant Bryant product open. Area. Back to that that time. Funds got behind crop prices dipped down death client funds. Buzz didn't. Going on here taking down proud and push back. I it way. No thank you know. We're gonna. Yes we. We're gonna turn and look Kelly hour we're gonna back in why. Weren't you. It's scary. Picnic spot kick and punt snap. Run run run kick butt kicked Bible yes. Run run and a private higher. Right private prior. Why it would feel opening drop turn around here and he Kenya and you're just throw and it. Hearing Elena de. Put on it doesn't enemy fire departments have had them doing it. Foot plank but. And done. It got talent over. Beginning here piano. I'm pat Renee clap them. Jump out of snaking out. I'm. Proud black yet. Punted out. I've cracked yet I'm fun prop open pit pump and a half. Iron. Susan that carried out I'm I'm cracks opening yet found out. Seven times. I'm okay. We're gonna go back I would earlier combination. And we're gonna finish it. You give me I'm ever going nag area. Okay this got after me. Carried out. I'm sick pet hey dad cry drag. How hot and you recommended. Work out very and to me. I don't know appeared on CNN. But I've really thinking and acting you're not every day even if it's thirty minutes. Do either really intense work out. Then things start wherever you need to start but I do you think you'll get up to five to seven days a week every day that you're not work. Not your gaining weight you're saying the same and I can't answer questions and then he's flying out. Danny. With a magnetic president out. It is better to work out. In the morning or evening. It really doesn't matter what I like is routine. And I repeat I personally like to get my workout done. In the morning get up with my day high blood thinner island dinner with friends at dinner my kids and family so I think we haven't had that he might heal the site. I've and it really emotionally connected to try to dig it out. Of the way in the morning personally but your body like consistency through it like you know when you're. When your parents today when you're gonna racket here it it like consistency doesn't like early Friday extreme diet. Reaching everything better. You know quick fix things didn't start very hard star witness truth to be where you are today is and start to live a life it's about showing up. For your workout Thursday parent. What side he. After a workout like jet. You need to listen to your body I really believe in listening to your body your body look funny way to praise I remember your emotional self and that compensation him. You're like something your visit without happier healthier emotional not have a healthier conversation with that. So I like whole foods like organic foods have been support of all. We're me. I can't help looking after my workouts protein and sweets factory planet found I would do my. And I'll even after my work out like a little egg on the day and some fruit or something like that I loved I just came out approaching margin target. They're organic I love them so much I usually grab those right after violent. Plus. Yeah yeah. Taken at. Patent. Act on. Cats and you know Latin. If we got on this random noise and if you've got married with a follows Madonna random noise you can do anything. Okay. And now. They know. Thank you know we're gonna side right. We where it is black. Burning up okay. Apple a little bit this will be a little bit. Mark party. I'm not hurry this fat cats remember where every. Your pet that's what matters. Greg yeah. Here now. I. Not that. And thank you back next. Perry yeah right. Say take me up here without a point. Principal Aaron. Open it happened. Nearly does not take pride in his back pocket that yeah yeah front. I'll give it can't. Are not my music have a dvd. You begin at higher again. I thought have a me and I'm. And Fannie. And it around. Anything. Here read. We're really quick to the front ever let that guy. No none. Me. I have been saying her name mag. Thank you being there felt I'm right and I. Theory yeah. Back to the beginning of the great time. Private. That you had. What active. Did you can't. We have did Latin. Did it right. Up. Safety. That move forward you can do didn't can't open it backup. Sticking up ladies. And gentlemen. I'm I want yeah I yeah. It found. That. Time that. Aren't fact won't let time pop and and arrogant fat. Lurid back. Here we get out of high backed up other faith. Wednesday. Night tied up up big today. How many calories. You how many. Calories gave back. The bank will. One banking giant that everybody burns calories different. Platinum all you yeah. We made it impossible for me thank how many calories you burning in this depends on how your body weren't. And I'm here performing fit the worst thing you can do is read something that tells you that you're gonna friend X amount of calories and eating and that. Because nobody really know. You can't. And it check out run up straight and watch scenes. Your finger on. From hearing him. I'm in his. Everything ran up and putting as we hack. Thank you let I give its. My. And. I'm do. You know Hayley you know. But give no way you. And it really does not kind of really thought they aren't none yeah. Thought you're feeling yeah. They're getting video coming out paying them. New album. I'm very good the saying math and Gary out. You hate. Task. I think yeah. Thank you. Yeah. I'm not know who this thing Bloomberg bid is him I heard and a OK I didn't pick you and like any home are you and I just take you nine. They can really throw Hun. Right. Why again at any minute they're gonna do yeah. You have immediately and immediately means we knew what to burnout and neighborhoods in. Heading and how they have to help the general now working out workout and AM happy with the market now I'm and yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Oh. Yeah. Okay. OK. Yeah. And. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. LT. I do anything out you know when a lot of meaning and feeling Sunday night trying to make Kate crying and screaming all time you went out of different Rick different energy came up during your work out right here we'll look. Like the enemy down anyway we haven't got an up. He intriguing is forgotten. If your doctor if you any time in in the active and night I got. Choreography and a put it. Before you. John McCain telling week pregnant and. M. Tracy Anderson here. Thanks Rene greener than cutting its. They treat you got them. Yet it totally see if I don't. I. He. Cut back on. I couldn't work. It Hillary. And ask them yeah yeah yeah. Don't look. Like that. You can't have high. In fact it has high packed. I think what we've been we've been like. Here. We what are the what does it wouldn't move. Like you. And wanted to I'll do it on. And it anything you can't back up back there. Clockwork Condit. Back. Yeah that was Matt yeah. Okay. And likely won't be adds yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And. You yeah. Yeah. I'm. Yeah. Me. I write me. Well yeah. If your lives. Get our feet night asking or questioning its chances. As possible. Next. It was hardly an not leave. And. Okay. Okay. It's GE. Okay. I thought. I would act. It. I'm like yeah I'm like your partner are well. If you're eating are again hitting your active. As a way to maintain a healthy way and sometimes that it. No impact because it doesn't like your current month. You always need to be doing your husband after we did really liked my biggest contribution to fitness and health. The I didn't mountain dvd and mind off I mean program you feel I'm. I beginner and veteran and I think it's accurate and ardea. What did it have I beginner and that's really good question. What I like for beginners do you're trying to pick up and made it one vaccinated time and maybe like. Learning like an accident. He added now I'm and you can't pick and it and when you thank you back he'd start he had on her attack on. You know I'll repeat it when you know one company thing. Do. Outlet near fountain that you signed another. All you really need to do is hard work I'm remedy an. Leaving changeup and payment. Things. Yeah. Yeah. I yeah. Good evening. Oh. I'm. I. There. I'm. They got up on what I recommend it Rick Allen made. I would name but I have a lot of work act that you hate. When your own body makes him look. When you're dancing your body needs to be create an. Especially any kind of clever resistant. And. I'm. And hot. When you leave yeah yeah. I think because you're you're reading Alan. You're not wearing I'm doing yeah. And recover in time when you act that. Now I didn't like to thank you and in front and my car again Reid could affect my mind that found. I'm. I'm and I made him happy. And training every day at work every day. You are genetically weak again by our hot night. And it. You work out how. Craig Allen and Allen played it out I believe in taking you work out your husband America every seven to ten game. Here party out you think it. Party on. Just makes street learned men and bring more to the table once it got really her. You know it's about time him. Our banking she became the continent act. Well. We're seeding is if you're really negative word in general rob. I don't enjoy anybody saying I'm skating when you're supposed to be in doing something that you're into my high fever feed them lacking you needed you. Think your CD and quiet. We love. Her there emotional let it if you have waits. And it's really back to acknowledge all right Governor Huckabee isn't imminent. How unhealthy way now. Thank you feel like craving is 58. You've got to address it that it and you can't be helping your craving have a yet you're expecting that you're pregnant. You can do anything you do you mean ideally right before your pregnancy and but this this low and party oh it actually pretty much OK for payment been cleared by your doctor. And I really do believe in movie during your pregnancy I would say this during my pregnancy I I actually have a pregnancy prior to dvd. It's honest and accurate got he's doing my pregnant. I you cannot account for some reason did. Even though I am he went like you've been done. I don't feel like I didn't excitement I got and it popped a lot and you might not restaurant during pregnancy I have when it floored. And starting up that day ever. The payment date back then expect me. Are doing his daily and you need to lose weight probably an act of leaving your diet yeah. But you're. In an aware weigh like the thirteenth accident on. Ocalan. We chocolate. I'd love for people get like. And in played like chocolate bar floor and and keep our commitment our top of it and it like milk and organic chocolate are. You can act that it. Spain is next month. A little it and if you're doing his due. And you will definitely properly but if you're just giving it your heat and sit on the line. Badly here you're movie and that's anybody he might not drop. I meant tell you the true. A game. Let me keep. At least and if it did work actually later on adds up. We are currently. You're your body. So much you really like they're taking advantage of all of these different and it doesn't mean that county party behind her thank you. Yeah I. But I'm not actually got it may mean that he fit. Join us on a street me. I'm. Yeah. Okay. And it. Plot and a Big Apple via. Yeah I'm up. Not anything I'm. Yeah. And up. I can't blame everybody feeling. Felony eight. Again. I didn't have anything dvds green. And I'm keeping three innings and got beyond and I'm kind of more. And pardon me. I think aren't really. And say. Would greatly increase your hair free. An end we also have see real time which is our online stream I applaud my master classes. And there is no apparent make something very rock and very supportive and that structure works that you need to create balance in your body. That's right. Not at the bigger. We did amazing. And flee down a little tiny bit. It's CNN skin of our time. So. My heroes here are some trainers them client. And and every you don't need a lot of it out. Read. I'm.

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{"duration":"54:48","description":"Fitness expert Tracy Anderson leads a routine from her new TA VA dance cardio program for \"Good Morning America.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"40731817","title":"'GMA' Workout Wednesday With Tracy Anderson","url":"/GMA/video/gma-workout-wednesday-tracy-anderson-40731817"}