'GMA's' Workout Wednesday: Exercise With Julianne Hough

The singer-dancer appears live on "GMA" for a workout session with experts from Body By Simone.
3:46 | 01/04/17

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Transcript for 'GMA's' Workout Wednesday: Exercise With Julianne Hough
And we're back now with TV personality Carrie Keagan. She's known for her irreverent interviews. We'll call them that. Getting more than 9,000 celebrities to curse. The goal today is to get you to. Not happening. I want a job. You're sharing some of the best stories in your memoir, everybody curses, I swear. Is that a record? We can break a new. Why is swearing important? It's the language of the people. The second that you let one fly, everybody knows who you are and where you're coming from. It's like sitting down and having a beer with George Clooney. That's what he's going to do. He's going to open up and let a few fly. When we're little, the word fart might as well be a swear word and it makes us giggle. The same happens with bigger f-bombs now. That's why swearing works. It's easy to break down people and get to know who they really are. Colin Farrell was an interview that didn't go as planned. Because he didn't swear or because of something else? That was my problem. I was so preoccupied that I was interviewing Colin Farrell for the first time. You get a little awe struck. I was worried about hair, clothes, fake tan. When the interview was over, I was devastated. He didn't swear for me. Turns out, I watched the tape, he did. I didn't notice because I wasn't in the moment. We're so happy you're with us. "Everybody curses, I swear" Good morning. A lot of cloud cover. We are running into 30's. We will jump into the 40's near 50 this afternoon. In arctic Lara, I think we made it through the without a curse word. We're good. Well done. I'm lucky enough to be with our friend, dancer, singer, actress, "Dancing with the stars" judge, Julianne hough. We have seen her working out all morning long. Right now, secrets to saying fit if the new year. These are some really easy things to just boom start your day off right. First of all, I love waking up every morning. I don't know about you. I love the feel cozy. I always get something that is hot water and lemon and it just feels nice to put around your hands like this. Never coffee? It feels nice. It's like, the citrus. Boosts the metabolism. It's nice and warm. It smells good. They is salemen what sir good for your system. And your liver. Everything. I love that. I love that. I start every morning that way. Talk to me about this juice. I love juices. There is some back and forth. Lately, my fiance and I bought a juicer. It's our morning ritual. We juice together. We like to drink it right away to get the fibers and everything you need. For me, I like it because it's definitely a detoxifying thing. It also just gives you so much energy without the coffee. Right. I know, I know. The show will do that to you. By the way, you wake up really early, so -- I do think that juicing and you don't have to do one specific thing. It's just about getting healthy vegetables or fruit in your. And the things I like is kale and spinach and ginger. I love ginger so much. If you need sweetness, carrot, apple, pear. And then simple workout tip. Question sure the gals, guys and gals, or just gals from body by Simone. You have two moves you think all can do. Yes. This is -- This is the kind of workout that I like to do. Body by Simone. We're going kucurtsy for the queen. There are so many different kinds of workouts. I love my fitbit, too. Track everything. This is my go-to workout. And then taking it home. Let's do take it home. This is like, no place like home. We're already home. And this. It's like a -- Like a squat thrust, kind of. Yeah. You click your heels. Oh, I get it. No place like home. You're kicking your heels like Dorothy. That's the booty. The curtsy for the queen. The area between your thigh and your -- that's where it fired up. And real quick. I want to show this. This is a breakfast that looks fancy. It's not hard to make? It's my sister, who is a mother of two, and it's great. They're basically out of cupcake platters. But it's a fritata. Egg whites, spinach, tomato. Whatever you want. Bake it. It looks superfancy. Throw it in a bag and take it to work with you. It's awesome. And it's portion controlled. So good. I love that. So how is everything with "Dancing." It's good. The show is almost sold out? Yeah, I'm really excited. Derek and I are going out on tour for -- Please come back again and show us moves beyond -- that day when you. Reporter: On the show, you got us all jump started for the day. This does, too. I feel like I live here. We were here calm of week ago. You better live here. Come back any time. We have the recipes online. We'll be right back. We love you.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"The singer-dancer appears live on \"GMA\" for a workout session with experts from Body By Simone. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44537395","title":"'GMA's' Workout Wednesday: Exercise With Julianne Hough","url":"/GMA/video/gmas-workout-wednesday-exercise-julianne-hough-44537395"}