Good Housekeeping's Awesome Women Awards

The magazine teamed up with Shonda Rhimes to celebrate some of the best and brightest women of 2016 -- and Amy Robach is among the honorees.
2:49 | 08/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Good Housekeeping's Awesome Women Awards
Now we want to talk about 25 very inspiring women. Talking about smart, innovative women doing big things to help others featured on "Good housekeeping's" new awesome women list and this year's edition is guest edited by award winning hit television show creator Shonda rhimes. Take a look. You know, a lot of women inspire me. I think most of the women I meet every day are interesting. I have this theory that everyone has a story. And I think the only difference between a woman and an awesome woman is the way you define yourself. And joining us with more "Good housekeeping's" editor in chief Jane Francisco. Thanks for joining us. You have a list of 25 awesome women as you're them. How did you compile the list. We have a team, of course, including Shonda and I'll tell you, it was not an easy job. There are so many inspiring women when we started putting the list together, but we just wanted to make sure we had a really diverse group of women who would inspire all of us to find our own awesomeness. Yeah, we can't get to all 25 of them. We'll highlight a couple. First and foremost Jane Chen. Tell us why Jane made the list. Jane is a scientist and she has created a life-saving blanket for at risk babies in parts of the world who don't have incubators and so far they saved over 200,000 babies' lives and she has big fans. Beyonce has donated over $100,000 to her cause. Incredible. Something you don't always see. A woman working really hard thiendz the scenes. Then Beverly bond was a woman that realized that black women didn't have a lot of black role models and decided to do something about it. So Beverly is the founder of black girls rock. And this is an awards program and also a mentoring program for young women. And you've probably heard of some of the people who have been on her awards program. Rihanna. Yes. Yes, and, you know, she's helping change the conversation. Yeah, and there's one more very awesome woman on that list, again, it's a very exclusive list, just 25 and she's right over there. Her name is Amy robach. Why did Amy make this list? I think we all know -- we love Amy and she's just -- she's such an inspiration. She is an inspiration and, Amy, thank you so much. Thank you. You Ar very public fight with breast cancer has helped all of us -- it sort of pointed a light on how important it is for us to take charge of our own bodies and obviously look at screening and I will say in two weeks I'm going for a screening. Thanks, Amy. Amy, you have inspired a lot of us. You are brave and you are beautiful and you are your rage and we love you, Amy. Breast cancer awareness month, October 1st. Everyone get their mammograms. Great reminder. Jane, thank you for joining us in the studio. What an awesome list. Thanks for coming in. The September "Good housekeeping" awesome women's issue is on stands right now. Make sure you grab it.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"The magazine teamed up with Shonda Rhimes to celebrate some of the best and brightest women of 2016 -- and Amy Robach is among the honorees.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41709377","title":"Good Housekeeping's Awesome Women Awards","url":"/GMA/video/good-housekeepings-awesome-women-awards-41709377"}