Are there great white sharks in New York City?

Shark expert Craig O'Connell discusses if there are potential dangers involving great white sharks for people swimming in the New York City area.
3:22 | 07/25/17

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Transcript for Are there great white sharks in New York City?
harbor celebrating shark week. George, I have to tell you, shark week is hitting really close to home tonight. The show is called "Sharks and the city." New York and, yes, it is narrated by "Sex and the city's" very own Mr. Big. Your special is on tonight. The question is are sharks headed to Manhattan, great whites? We'll find out, take a look. Shark, we got a great white shark. Reporter: Move over, jaw, new tourists are swimming to town and taking a bite out of the big apple. If I could just catch one that would go a long way to understanding why these white sharks are patrolling outside of New York harbor. Reporter: Marine biologist Craig O'Connell has been tracking great whites off the New York coast for ten years. I want to know why these sharks are returning. What's bringing them back. Cleaner water for one but also a growing seal population. The ultimate shark bait. Just west of Brooklyn lies swinburne island. It's been more than 300 years since New York City has seen an abundance of marine life including the great white. Maybe it's time the city gains a New York mascot. A New York great white shark probably fast, big teeth and a lot of attitude. So, Craig, you've been doing this for a long time and we saw in the piece seals are the first indicator but why else do you know that sharks -- the great whites are coming here. We're beginning to get cleaner waters in New York and seeing whales and all are indicators that the environment is getting healthy and when you have a healthy environment you get sharks. You get so close. Your cameras are right there. How are you doing it safely. This is a baited camera trap. Really simple device, pvc, bait, a gopro. You drop it down to the sea floor for about three hours and retrieve it and hope it's all mangled. That's a sign a great white may have destroyed it and watch all the footage. Really simple tool for me to survey the wears around New York and what we actually saw changed the way I see the wears around New York forever but we also have this new device, this is called the fin cam inspired by my friend Andy brandy casa grande. You catch a shark, you put this on its dorsal fin and right here after three hours they will question rode and pop up to the sea surface and send a signal to the boat so I can try to find it but the beautiful thing about this right here is that there's this awesome camera and as a shark swims around we see everything that the sharks are seeing, we're going to learn about the biology of these animals and it will help us conserve the sharks in New York waters. I know you can't say exactly where but it was a popular tourist destination you saw a great white so what do we tell kids now that we're telling them they're coming. How do we stay safe. Instead of instilling fear we need to tell them the truth about sharks and sharks are incredibly important and teach them these animals can balance an entire ecosystem and I think we need to tell kids it's way more dangerous to be walking around New York City in 2016, more new yorkers -- Hit each other. Ten times more likely to bite other new yorkers than a shark. Thank you for the info. "Sharks in the Good morning, I'm

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{"id":48827527,"title":"Are there great white sharks in New York City? ","duration":"3:22","description":"Shark expert Craig O'Connell discusses if there are potential dangers involving great white sharks for people swimming in the New York City area. ","url":"/GMA/video/great-white-sharks-york-city-48827527","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}