Wacky Double Duty Spring Cleaning Items

Maxwell Ryan shares some effective eco-friendly cleaning tips that may seem a little odd.
5:16 | 04/18/13

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Transcript for Wacky Double Duty Spring Cleaning Items
It's time to start spring cleaning com and joining us this morning as Maxwell -- CEO and founder of apartment therapy Maxwell hi how -- -- nice to see you. I had been furiously passionate about and while life and when I I now know that to echo the green stuff in the green claiming -- -- to. GMA we stopped doing on GMA so if you wanna see it -- more of -- -- -- -- and what will do more of -- on GMA so these are things that you have in your house they're not the chemicals and uses the clean well let's start on the best of ammonia and newspaper you're. Really we're the first to people that like cleaning my eye on that we all Pol Pot if it's up Hartman thirty dot com thanks -- started is all about making your -- -- -- call organized and healthy. OK and a lot of people books on the deck -- but we actually go all the -- -- to help in -- has been part of -- -- -- -- big part of -- to Africa. When we started green was a big thing now I call this normal let's let's just say this is normal even -- -- some stuff it's -- little weird okay. So the first thing is we might normally clean your windows with something like this right it's ballooned to -- it's we we're we don't know what I side of it. I want to tell you that you can clean your windows would see what -- NET any. Let me let -- -- TV and TV not wavered and I cannot -- and. And obviously the cannons and T are so strong that they'll actually break down that dirt and grime on your and it only six you need a little -- a -- You need as much as he normally is when you are the next usually mean great great and he has newspaper -- I'd like to see if our. Are -- we're gonna I read here I was told that you would like to do that. I don't know how to do this but I will -- I don't know who -- -- who told him that. Good thanks god -- -- And they just just cleanly normally react and what what happens in the newspapers is really important first of all the second -- right. Six of -- -- but what's more well that's on the other side people that's actually I have actually is that I didn't last so that every -- but this is really I'm I'm telling you it's really -- we need to get your windows around here so this -- -- -- he's -- when it's dry it's like a -- it's actually it's it's -- -- and there's -- there's so much better in a -- -- and by the way because you've just -- stacks of them. You just read newspaper you're great you're -- you cannot -- about breather this and the little I don't get elected the first you're gonna need green cleaning went a little elbow grease on and this is gonna have some real -- -- -- So say this is your bathtub. The -- this -- we did this backed down status as a -- what exactly it before it got to that -- but I -- other household recent announcement -- you take. -- -- -- At a ball right salt. Credible Bryant not we're not not trying to Olympia -- and you sprinkle a little solved all the great -- America and you just when the -- We'll wait yeah. Running that hard it's taking -- all. And it rolled out an amazing -- -- -- -- -- -- and saw last hour of so -- -- -- yeah. Now I could -- this. I'll -- I -- I'm not good but what -- after you've eaten the grapefruit in the morning you can use what's left in the grapefruit and that's all we do could you forget. -- -- -- -- This until you have a large area and that the quality -- in the freezer thing is the way they. Yeah there's different bruises and this is rising and visas -- green cleaning tips to avoid using more. Laundry detergent. Ever so I bought my first pair of fancy jeans two years ago and I went to the red letter to say they're about 400 bucks when your buying -- Reiner -- -- less than that yes they can be like that. And she said these are so expect here. I'll tell you. They -- -- -- -- -- line but they still genes for 400 box office buildings are 500 C seeing. His genes because genes are now I'm wearing suits you're still you're really good so yeah -- take these and you and I went to the register and she said by the way. You can't you shouldn't want. I -- kidding yankees shouldn't watch and I and a guy standing behind me and he said oh no no -- put -- in the freezer. So you take your jeans. I'm so conservative and -- -- of the pork chops and you put them in the freezer put one night in the freezer for -- -- out no smell no germs. -- the -- -- because the bacteria got killed in the freezing in your freezer and I you do have to keep it away from the fish and the pork chops and -- yeah. But apparently it works are the question yes -- well what did -- Actually have you know legacy Eleanor yeah like dirt on the gene well there's this thing on the G examine I don't have stains in nineteen. We cannot let me lately I thought there isn't an area that I asked Palin -- -- 1002 I asked this. She said he's not exactly an an and play -- -- but if you. -- shouldn't be -- in the playground in and running her own unique setting. So this is for a fan -- Got to go out there I got a week ago we gotta go our way so we have Todd Taylor -- warlord -- then behind that you don't have -- he got to make prickly but. Caligiuri is my favorite just so it's all natural smells great and the best thing when you're cleaning -- -- excited that cleaning. Dyson vacuums my favorite vacuum. They'll make you happy how can start crying please -- for --

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"Maxwell Ryan shares some effective eco-friendly cleaning tips that may seem a little odd.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18989205","title":"Wacky Double Duty Spring Cleaning Items","url":"/GMA/video/green-cleaning-tips-tea-cleans-windows-grapefruit-clean-18989205"}