Gus Kenworthy discusses his shoot for the ESPN body issue

The Olympic medalist skier opens up about why he chose to bare almost all for this year's body issue.
3:24 | 07/05/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gus Kenworthy discusses his shoot for the ESPN body issue
Now we get to move on to ESPN's annual "Body issue" is here. Yeah. I saw some of the picture, wow inspiring. So it features the most buzzed about athletes and it includes olympic skier Gus Kenworthy striking a pose right now in the snow and this morning he is joining us live actually from Denver. Good morning, Gus. Good morning. How are you? All right. I'm going to just read this from my card because I'm supposed to ask you, were you actually fully nude when posing for these photos? I was. I was 100% nude. I'm actually nude right now from the waist down. That's the best part. I was naked for the photo shoot for six hours. It was crazy. Did you have any hesitation in doing that? Yeah. I did. I was definitely nervous. I had reservations but I was also really excited to be a part of it and I've always been a fan of "The body issue." I think it's such a beautiful issue and showcases so many different types of bodies and athletes and so it was an honor. Did your family weigh in? My mom said, you're so brave. Which is maybe not the reaction I wanted and then she said, she was like, I wouldn't do it and I was like, well -- I will. Hopefully they don't ask you, I don't think. Gus, I've been skiing out in Colorado before. It's awfully cold out there. Are you thinking of a "Seinfeld" episode? Did they have heaters? No, they had a robe that I could put on but it was actually freezing and so like the photo editor had already prepped me and she was like, think about poses you can do to kind of like hide yourself and like think of creative ways to hide yourself and I got out there in the coal and I was like don't worry, it'll hide itself. Oh, yes. Oh, wow. This guy is funny. I would say you're not hiding a lot though. In prepping for something like this when I see these photos I think immediately I would get right to work. Did you do a lot of diet and exercise change? Did you plan for it? I did for sure. I mean I think like I tried to kind of stick with what I had been doing anyway just in my Normal training in my Normal life. I didn't do a complete 180 but I definitely was like in the gym twice a day, my diet especially for the week right before the shoot was really, really strict. Like no salt, no sugar. Dairy. It was basically like I was eating ice cubes. Well, the photos are beautiful. You look fantastic. I'm sure your mom is very proud, Gus. Thank you. You ready for 2018? I appreciate that. I am. I'm looking forward to it. It's coming up soon. Us too. We'll be rooting for you. Thanks, Gus. All right, and by the way, guys,

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{"id":48440695,"title":"Gus Kenworthy discusses his shoot for the ESPN body issue","duration":"3:24","description":"The Olympic medalist skier opens up about why he chose to bare almost all for this year's body issue. ","url":"/GMA/video/gus-kenworthy-discusses-shoot-espn-body-issue-48440695","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}