Guy Fieri Prepares You for Amazing Summer Cooking

Celebrity chef previews the tasty recipes in his new book, "Guy on Fire."
3:40 | 05/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Guy Fieri Prepares You for Amazing Summer Cooking
Everybody, in times square, with guy fieri. His American bar just down the block here in times square. Has a cookbook out in time for summer. "Guy on fire." Cooking outdoors to me, I love to cook outdoors. It can be as smoky and messy as you want. California, where I live, a lot goes on. I've never seen a thing like this. The caldron over there? Yeah. That's how we do it in New York City. It's go big or go home. But people get a misunderstanding that cooking outdoors has to be like hot dogs and burgers only. There's such a wide variety of food, styles of food you can go after. What do we have? I don't know about you. I had these when I was a kid. These pressed sandwiches. Old-style panini. You drop this in. Go over the top. And -- What's in the middle there? This is Mac and cheese. A little Mac and cheese. We trim that off. Just trim it a little bit. Another one here. We have mozzarella, pepperoni, tomato sauce. Are you going to go out today? No. Let me get spray in there. Just right. Drop it in. The cool thing about this is, these recipes we're talking about, kid-friendly, family-friendly. Slice that around the edge. Let's lock it down. There we go. Excellent. And it's all right if there's a little extra on there. Okay. Pick it up. Let's travel. Got it? Yeah. Pick it up. Okay. Now, we go over to the caldron. Drop it right on. All we want to make sure is that we turn it a few times. Okay. Okay. Hold this for a second. Okay. There we go. We got some hot beans working here for chili. Homemade baked beans, huh? What do you do with those? A little bacon, molasses, your favorite beans. Then, we'll grab a couple of these off. These are already hot. This has a nice sweetness to it. Yep. Come on over. Oh, hot. Look who shows up. Some of your delicious food. This is -- we'll see if we turn these fast enough. Pop these open. Look at that. All of these recipes -- Look at this. Eating baked beans, cutting this. I don't even need to be in the segment. Tell us about the veggies. My kids love veggies. I love veggies. But it's difficult. You don't have 20 pots and pans to work with when you're camping. Wrap them in some foil. And just pop it open. Wow. Roasted Brussels sprouts. Okay? We'll get inside here. Some carrots. What's your secret? You just have to add a little bacon to them. Add a little bacon. See how that works? Cooking with foil, this started from tailgating. And you pop it in there. Hit them with the seasonings you like. You can flip it, add some moi moisture to it. Check it out.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"Celebrity chef previews the tasty recipes in his new book, \"Guy on Fire.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23603731","title":"Guy Fieri Prepares You for Amazing Summer Cooking","url":"/GMA/video/guy-fieri-prepares-amazing-summer-cooking-23603731"}