There's a Hack for That: Dad Edition

Three dads share their DIY tips to hack your life and make it easier.
4:41 | 10/23/15

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Transcript for There's a Hack for That: Dad Edition
Sara is doing double duty because there's a hack for that. Take it away. Fun one. Three great dads, first up, meet Eric venus, father of three hailing from Idaho and a DIY dynamo. A wall full of crayon marks is no match for him. Youtube loves him and you're about to see why. And next put your hands together for Doug Marcoux, father of two from Washington. He runs a construction business by day and loves a power tool, don't we all. Get ready for one hair-raising hack. And finally, last but not least, Russ Olsen father of five from Utah and from the blog, how does she but you'll be asking how does he when you see how he takes on the kitchen. Russ, come on out. Okay. Russ, this is something that we can all relate to. Meal time gets pretty messy with kids. I can't relate to it yet but eventually. I've seen it. So can you tell us a little about why everyone is loving this hack. So what it is, sloppy joes are messy and go all over the place. They're messy. So this helps dads get a little more tidier and make it nicer so they're not as sloppy for the kids. So what it is is throw out the buns, okay, don't use the buns for sloppy joes. You want to dip a little in here so just like this. Take a little bit of the dressing, put it in the middle of these -- these are biscuits. Like regular store bought. Regular biscuit -- hand biscuits. And then you fold it over. I love that. And you pinch it. This is such a great idea. Yeah, you fold it over and pinch it so once you pinch it like that you put it in the oven. Fold and pinch. Fold and pinch. I can handle ha. Then you put it in the oven. 350 degrees for 15 minutes and that's it. I love it. What do you call them. You have a different name. We call them tidy joes. I like it. I like this. Amy, do we -- I'm still finding a way to make a mess. There's one. All right. Amy will eat it. She'll eat anything. She's the mike likes it on set & next up Doug with his beautiful daughter here. Now, this I think anybody can relate to. Dads when they're stuck with hair duty. Can you show us, why is everyone loving this? I tried to do her hair to get her ready and it was hopeless. My friend said go to youtube and figure out how to do braids and different designs. A braid. That didn't work either. That's like calculus. I saw somebody doing a vacuum and we adopted that ever since. It's the only way I can -- What did your wife think? Same thing when I do a lot of things, she rolls her eyes and spies. Sounds great in theory but this really works. It does work. Show me how -- The one thing -- Are you scared? You trust your daddy. Here we go. Let's see the ponytail. We use a clean tool for her hair and not the rest of the vacuum. Are you taking notes. I like it. Then you have a rubber band. That was amazing. You look so pretty. Just like mine. I'm up next. Okay. Last but certainly not least we've got Eric venus. Now, you have a video that's been viewed as well 1.5 million times. That's correct. Every parent can relate to the child artist. Yes, absolutely. So as you heard I have three young children all of which are very artistic which basically just means my walls are covered in crayon marks and marker spots. The sign of a great family. Yes, absolutely. As long -- I mean, even if I'm sitting there trying to watch them I turn away, I come back and they have this beautiful child graffiti. Show us. Absolutely. So the solution so you don't have to repaint your walls is right in your bathroom. It's just solid toothpaste. Make sure you don't use the gel kind, the white stuff, you want to throw it right on the toothbrush. Get it a little wet and you're just going to -- Go to down. I like this. Really just take it right off. Get in there, George. You can do this, man. You can maybe encourage your kids to brush their teeth, as well. Two-fer. There it is. Hey, it works. Get in there. George is cleaning. Make sure you're rolling on this. Thank you to all our dads. You can submit your own fast life hacks at on Yahoo! Thanks so much for being here. All right. While George is still

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"Three dads share their DIY tips to hack your life and make it easier.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34675978","title":"There's a Hack for That: Dad Edition","url":"/GMA/video/hack-dad-edition-34675978"}