How to handle an argument based on your zodiac sign

Martha Stewart Weddings asked an astrologer for advice on how to handle a disagreement with someone based on the characteristics of the person's sign.
8:16 | 10/11/17

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Transcript for How to handle an argument based on your zodiac sign
everyone likes to win an argument. Martha Stewart weddings. I'm very well versed in everything, Amy. But everyone likes to win an argument. An astrologer did something on your soak yak sign and you can use that to gain an upper hand. For example, I'm a scorpio so her advice for arguing with me is to get me in a food frame of mind with a romantic candlelit dinner. What if it's like an argument with George. Yeah, before you get -- Here's a glass of wine. Here's a glass. You have to get scorpio in the mood and warm me up. Butter me up and throw a big argument at me. That's the way it works through the mind is through the stomach. That's how you do it but I got you guys. This is what I really enjoyed. Amy and George, you're both aquarius, now, aquarius isn't the best star sign to have an emotional situation. That's true. I'm glad you got the rest of ha. Save your tears for private. I don't want to hear it. It's manipulative. I would feel like I got a head fake if I got the romantic dinner then got hit with an argument. What's really going on? I would eat the food and say, okay, argue whatever you want. You like to analyze every last detail. Andrew could confirm that, yes. Arguing with an aquarius the best way to approach it is watch us be -- Have your facts straight and be logical. Oh! Hey. If not, you're going to lose. Somebody else is reading Martha Stewart wettings too. Lara, you're gemini. Yep. Whoo. Yes. Your sign is ruled by communication. So you'll want to go over disagreements over and over again so the best approach is to let you talk it out. Yes. Then give you space to think about it. Is that the best way? So listen to myself and then go think about what I just said? Yeah. How do you feel about that? You'll always win. In my mind I'm a winner. That's funny. We have all these and they're all on Martha Stewart -- Weddings. We're here for you. All right, we now have a very special guest to bring to the table. The very talented and versatile actress who stars in the new movie "Goodbye Christopher robin," please welcome Margot Robbie. ??? 24 carat magic in the air ??? Welcome back. Thank you. How are you? Hey, how are you. Thank you. Thank you. Long time no see. Mwah. Thank you. Margot, just beautiful if red. Thank you. I feel like a bit of a news reporter today. Microphone. Going live. Fancy news reporter. Were you just listening to our conversation about how to argue best based on your astrological sign. Oh, I missed this. We'll like get you sped up here. You are a cancer which makes you apparently extremely sensitive, is that true? I've always -- like I know I'm a cancer but I've never actually identified with any of the characteristics of a cancer because people always say, oh, you must be sensitive@. I'm like, no, not really. If you were in an argument, according to this advice, they say hugging you to reassure that everything is okay is the best way to go. Oh, the worst, the worst thing for me. Worst. I'm sorry to -- Yeah, I'm with you. Yeah. Don't touch you. Yeah. Stay away. Let's work through it first. There is that thing that says it's not necessarily your astrological sign but rising sign so you're supposed to look at the time you're born. Very intricate. We don't have enough time to get into it. How long is this show? I do love that whole astrology thing and also love having you here. Great to see you again and, yes, you can have that mug. Thank you. My mum will be thrilled. Thank you so much. Let's talk about the new movie. You play Christopher robin's mother in this. Let's take a look. Are they really wild animals. I can't continue this conversation until we've been properly introduced. I'm Billy moon and you're teddy bear. Edward bear. I don't like that. Mummy will help us think of a new one. You do know it is me talking, not the bear. I was just playing. Yes, I was just joining in. Ah. This movie, this movie is about the author of the Winnie the pooh books and his family, will tilston. His first movie, first audition. I heard he kept you in line. He's so professional I felt obliged to lift my game a little bit and behave a little more responsibly than I normally do. We're all like, my god, he's so professional. He is an amazing actor. I don't know how they -- yeah, they -- So no 10-year-old moments. No. Only Rom the adults. Only from us, yes. For sure. This is a big departure from Harley Quinn. Yes. I know. So great. Do you have a special place in your heart for roles like Harley or roles like this? Do you lean one way or the other. Totally, no. I don't think I've ever played a role that hasn't held a special place my heart. They're so different and I'm so grateful I get to lay so many different characters at the moment. Is it true you have a special keepsake from your time as Harley. Baseball bat next to my bed. That's nice. In case an intruder breaks in, oh, you picked the wrong house. I've never needed to use it. Good. Lovely. Some people take like a costume and Margo takes a baseball bat. I did take my jack as well. Jacket and bat. That is a segue to the Tonya Harding biopic. Oh, yeah, the -- Ooh. It just happened. So tell us a little about that. Because you're very involved in producing as well. I produced it as well and we're releasing this year it's been a really quick turnaround on that but it was amazing. Already done. Already done. We finished shooting earlier this year and it's already going to be coming out in December. There was a quote from you that's getting a lot of headlines that you are 100% on Tonya Harding's side. Tt's really taken out of context actually. Shocking. This isn't me trying to cover but truly I was saying how my job as an actor is to find my character's point of view and then believe that 100% so I was like in that way when I started the project looking at all the information and the facts I didn't really know what to make of it. That's kind of the cool thing about the film is you see everyone's perspective and it can contradict each other all the time. But because I play Tonya I'm like 100% on her side the way I'm 100% on queen Elizabeth I's side and holly's side and Daphne's side. You have to believe what they're saying is the absolute truth to delivers it with conviction. Was the first time something was taken out of context for you. No, it happens all the time. Leave you a little terrified to talk. Yes, kind of. I'm glad you got to clarify. What you just said makes a lot of sense. Thanks for giving me the chance. Something not taken out of context the first time you were here on "Gma" was 2013 for "Wolf of Wall Street" and you were very excited when you got a "Gma" mug. I still have it. Not only do we have a new "Gma" mug for you and your mom, we also got a few more things. Come on, bring them out. Thank you so much. You're welcome. Here. Thank you. You're going to love these sunglasses. Thank you. Those are a collector's item. Take care of those. You know, "Goodbye Christopher robin" hits theaters Friday and

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{"id":50404391,"title":"How to handle an argument based on your zodiac sign","duration":"8:16","description":"Martha Stewart Weddings asked an astrologer for advice on how to handle a disagreement with someone based on the characteristics of the person's sign.","url":"/GMA/video/handle-argument-based-zodiac-sign-50404391","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}