'Heaven Is for Real' Raises Questions About Faith

The hit movie describes the journey of Colton Burpo, 4, who claims he saw heaven while undergoing surgery.
2:44 | 04/22/14

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Transcript for 'Heaven Is for Real' Raises Questions About Faith
We continue with heaven is for real. The best-seller about a little boy's near-death experience. It is a hit movie. And it is sparking a lot of conversation about the existence of heaven. And Paula Faris is in social square with all of the details. Good morning, Paula. Reporter: Good morning, Lara. Some critics of the film calling it a hoax. But for so many others, this young boy's near-death expeerps is nothing short of a heavenly encounter. It's been a heavenly hit in theaters. And I looked down. And mom was in one room. And you were in another room yelling at god. Reporter: "Heaven is for real" based on "The New York times" best-seller, describes the journey of Colton, who claims he was dead for several minutes while undergoing surgery. That's when I got to see heaven. Jesus and some angels came. And flew me up to heaven. He was wearing white robes with a purple sash. And he just came down nicely and gracefully. You saw grandfather? Where did you see him? In heaven. Reporter: The movie is joining "Resurrection" and "Proof of heaven," about near-death experiences. It was the most profound experience I've ever had in this life. Reporter: But it also has critics. Many say the story is unbelievable, a work of fiction. Let's say a dozen books written by people who have been to heaven recently and come back. Every, single one of them describes it differently. Reporter: Colton reciting things he had heard from his father as a preacher? Would a 4-year-old really remember such details? Even people of faith have criticism, including pastor John Mcarthur. I'm convinced the movie and the book is a hoax, from start-to-finish. It has nothing to do with christianity or the bible. Reporter: But T.D. Jakes who serves as a producer of the film, disagree. It gives us the possibility of the impossible. Reporter: And this remarkable child may be giving believers hope. Heaven is for real. And you're going to like it. Reporter: The movie "Heaven is for real" is having a real impact at the box office, with just a $12 million budget. It's grossed $29 million, which by comparison is beating Johnny Depp's new movie. And we asked in our flash poll, do you believe people can see heaven during a near-death experience. 88% of you say yes. George and robin? We can probably give a lot of people comfort. Absolutely. It certainly does. Coming up, everybody. Drew Carey, Cheryl Burke,

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"The hit movie describes the journey of Colton Burpo, 4, who claims he saw heaven while undergoing surgery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23419376","title":"'Heaven Is for Real' Raises Questions About Faith","url":"/GMA/video/heaven-real-raises-questions-faith-23419376"}