Hedgehog is Dog's Best Friend

Cute animals have inseparable bond, love to cuddle with each other.
1:25 | 09/11/13

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Transcript for Hedgehog is Dog's Best Friend
We've got a head today and two best teams are good that a -- -- key contests and you look at the pokey contents yes. An African -- me depends hog and her best floods in India's eight miniature American eskimo. The inseparable friends -- to play together and don't miss an opportunity to cobble together. And they would toilet paper roll right out -- an -- and hiding toilet paper. I can adorable mom that's mrs. yeah. -- toilet paper up up up. Time what's happening I don't know what's -- I'm not sure there's that saying it makes it dogma among lot bigger than the dog is not a big dog put him -- -- his home. What does what does this I don't know. The -- and speaking at tidal waves and other. Are not just watch a lab -- -- well can't really go wrong no that's not true. He's chasing money -- my dad was. But again he. -- -- -- -- -- Say anything -- -- a hunch that. It's a brand but because it was on the hand come into perspective that he's the only true then -- we he's a little. Or collateral we don't know well 39 cross as light as we now that's. There there aren't that -- on TV if anybody got any elephant and everybody wants a puppy -- -- -- often PL over the carpet.

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{"id":20224943,"title":"Hedgehog is Dog's Best Friend","duration":"1:25","description":"Cute animals have inseparable bond, love to cuddle with each other.","url":"/GMA/video/hedgehog-dogs-best-friend-20224943","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}