High School Football Player Dies From Blunt-Force Injuries

Andre Smith, 17, became the seventh high school football player to die this year.
2:38 | 10/26/15

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Transcript for High School Football Player Dies From Blunt-Force Injuries
growing concern about the dangers of high school football. In the first seven weeks of this season, there have been seven deaths related to high school football. That compared to 11 all of last season. Gio Benitez has the story from Fordham university's football field. Reporter: Hey, robin. Good morning to you. Take a look at this. Imagine that kind of impact on your head, 650 time. That's the ample number of times that a high school player is hit in the head. So this morning, we've got a phew warning for you. It's one of the key ingredients in high school football. Tackling. But just seven weeks into the season, seven young athletes already losing their lives. After playing on the gridiron. Compared to 11 in all of 2014. Raising new concerns that the hard hits may make 2015 one of the deadliest in high school football history. The latest tragedy, 17-year-old Andre smith, dying from blunt force injuries Friday morning after a hit to the head during a game if Chicago the night before. He's like a brother to me. He was a brother to me. Reporter: Now, this morning, the American academy of pediatrics raising the issue. New recommendations to keeping kids safe. Most importantly, zero tolerance for el lyingle and dangerous hits. We need to stop the head-to-head hits. Make sure kids are being taught on proper tackling technique. Do not ever try this at all. Reporter: This video saying what not to do. Spearing. Leading with their head. An illegal play that can cause serious spinal cord injury. Keeping athletic trainers on the sidelines in practice and games. And the most extreme, removing tackling from high school football altogether. Anything you can do to reduce injury will reduce the overall injury rate. Reporter: Most player, parents, coaches, will say nontackle football is not realistic. Right now, they're going to show you how to do it safely. You're coming in full speed, break down, these are your points on the shoulder. You step in athletically, you pop your hands up, throw your hips through, never stop your feet. Reporter: You're looking up at the sky. The idea is not to come in with the helmet and hit the body. That's it, robin? That's right. Gio.

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{"id":34732247,"title":"High School Football Player Dies From Blunt-Force Injuries","duration":"2:38","description":"Andre Smith, 17, became the seventh high school football player to die this year. ","url":"/GMA/video/high-school-football-player-dies-blunt-force-injuries-34732247","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}