Indianapolis 500 Now Features 'Glamping'

"Glamping" allows race fans to camp out in style right on the infield.
3:00 | 05/24/14

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Transcript for Indianapolis 500 Now Features 'Glamping'
They call it a greatest spectacle in racing. The Indianapolis 500. This year something brand-new. Fans can camp out instyle right there on the infield. It's called glamourous camping or glamping. Sarah, anything that moves s'mores you'll get on? They had me at chocolate glamping is not a new idea. We've seen it on fancy safaris and musical festivals but for the first time ever glamping has come to the indy 500. The indy 500 has been around for 100 years but there's a new way to enjoy the latest spectacle of racing. By glamping in the infield. Think life styles of the rich and famous camping edition. You have the comfort of the weather-proof tent and queen-sized bed and the roar of the Indianapolis motor speedway at your door. It's a magical feeling here and they'll experience amenities you can't get anywhere else. Reporter: The camp site boasts a lounge with fire screen, movie screen and admission to weekend events. I think this is me. Look, I've got flower, a table. All I need is a couple friends. I could do this. This is definitely camping for Sarah. Reporter: Some glampers they spoke to are here for the vip exclusivity. Glampers are the own people that get to sleep in here. No one else is allowed in. I felt really privileged. Reporter: For others it's all about basic comforts. I would say the bathrooms the biggest things for me. Reporter: Meet three indy 500 racing elite. Simon, Joseph and James took a base from the pre-race prep to stroll with me around glamp town and check out the fancy digs, surprising a few unsuspecting fans along the way. No, no. Pizza delivery. Don't get excited. Reporter: The pros also taking a much-needed moment to unwind. This is really nice. Reporter: And as night falls at the site, a perfect ending to a perfect day. Its residents prove they're not too crafty for one rather messy camping tradition. It's totally not camping without s'mores, would you agree? Okay. So it was glamourous camping, but anything without pluming, I don't know if I can participate. At least you lucked out in the weather department. It looks pretty in there. I did research, Sarah actually went to a hotel. She did not glamp overnight. That did look like a hotel, though. Sarah, thank you very much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"Glamping\" allows race fans to camp out in style right on the infield.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23854845","title":"Indianapolis 500 Now Features 'Glamping'","url":"/GMA/video/indianapolis-500-now-features-glamping-23854845"}