Inside the CDC

How the CDC is taking precautions against the Ebola outbreak.
1:11 | 07/31/14

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Transcript for Inside the CDC
This is world news beyond the headlines -- -- -- When the CDC quarantine -- is called in an airplane because someone sick they come prepared let me show you what's inside their response -- it's loaded with all kinds of things. They've got different sides masks that so that they'll have one that will fit into any type of responder. It's dozens heal properly -- germs can get it we've got and I'm asking case it's a disease where splashes of -- of concern. And then -- got a whole variety of different types of -- -- This one here this is an incredibly cool it -- your temperature without even touch -- it's an infrared thermometer you just hold it up to the forehead like this. Release. And there's -- temperature normal in the end here. This is the kit in case they have to do CPR. And then because will sometimes be evaluating patients on the on the tarmac they've got your protection -- well. They -- -- that -- they're prepared if they're sick of getting -- the plan to get an isolated keep everyone safe. For ABC news and Yahoo! News I'm -- rich -- you can follow me on Twitter -- doctor rich investor.

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{"duration":"1:11","description":"How the CDC is taking precautions against the Ebola outbreak.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24797029","title":"Inside the CDC","url":"/GMA/video/inside-cdc-24797029"}