Inside Look at Tom Ford's New York Fashion Week Show

"GMA" gets exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to the designer's fashion presentation, plus fashion expert Joe Zee weighs in.
4:35 | 09/08/16

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Transcript for Inside Look at Tom Ford's New York Fashion Week Show
Now what our exclusive look behind the CNET com forward he's one of the fashion world's great prints at a. Come forward is changing the game pushing into fast fashion and setting a new trend. That will affect the way America dresses and Josie was there behind the scenes last night for an off. He's the designer who turned the fashion world upside down. Staging a super secret fashion show just a few years ago with a list stars like beyoncé on the catwalk and he dresses the world's biggest stars from Gwinnett pal throw to Rihanna. Tom Ford is revolutionizing fashion once again no longer super secret but now super fast C the clothes buy them now. And doing something new this season you'll be able to see you don't mind see the clothes on line. And buy them immediately which is a very revolutionary concept what used to be shown on the runways and what a lot of designers still currently do. It's something they can't buy for six months to write what made you take that shift this season why would you want to see clothes that you can't have. For five or six months. And Josie was with our camera behind the scenes Wednesday night as some board turn the fashion world upside down one more time. They did anyway. If you get to distract from more than one word from the network I mean it's like sexiest scenes. Masculine. With stars like Gigi had deed revealing his brand new looks and a moment right there behind the scenes with longtime fashion world icon in the month. Who talked for the first time about the death of her husband David -- week. Yeah I'm old enough. The smooth. I'm wearing this. My dad. Maybe semen may people who insist and he just as they insisted it had sought in values in. It was just don't. You know and then my mom passed away and has since been a tough he had unloaded the moment you're strong here's. And Janet joins us now with more highlights it was incredible to hear from him on and how she's doing well and she's such an incredible person and issue really is a true survivors much that she is in but should start to really even wealth up during that conversation but you know she. She triumph are. You know she is strong and we're all stronger than Gary is that it's nice to see her getting out she looked attacked what she looks fantastic and the first such as been outs and David passed away too so it's it's been almost you know if not months and and what a night it was what was your favorite part of the shell oh my gosh it was such an incredible New York fraction of that I can call it a fashion show because it was a traditional nonsense. It without the institutional four seasons that have closed down recently of course talk court can become open it up for one night after. Have an intimate dinner with wall to wall celebrities for about eighty people and and show this incredible show that you can buy right now. And that's not let me know by now I forgive would you still six months ago. It we have some photos of of some of them looked. If you don't meet the trip with a thirteen all over the place but what makes these staples we would grow what are the great thing about Thomas that he is such a trends that are not even just with the business of fashion but really with. What we see a Broadway like every single celebrity that came through said he's read the fine seventy sexy glamour and I think that's really a big trend that you're gonna see everywhere especially from Tom he did incredible patchwork coats. That were done and a new way and of course a lot of those seventy silhouettes that he's really known for those sexy Jersey dresses were fairly vigorous while. Bomb mixing textures. I know which is interesting right and you think it's easy but give Tom I don't think it TV at a. I think any of this well. Put up everything about poverty could really do something where you can just sort of throw it all in their so Seattle all the feathers with C plans are. Leather which we'd and it's just really about anyone being we'll do this with what they have and of course accessories he did awesome. Belts really big and just like over every sweater coat. And great over the new groups are a couple of from the eighties he so we'll talk about Vincent fashion now. Wi fi Burberry doing it Tommy Hilfiger is doing it why it's so important for people to be able fit. By the things that they see right now what because we live in a very fine. Asked digital generation and I think. It seems obvious you are why can't we just by the close we see now but forever designers have been shown things you can't buy for six months and it took someone like Tom Ford to say. Hey I'm a put us on the runway right now and you can buy it right now yeah I'm not gonna tolerate it you know. O'clock I think we're searching the clothes over in the bill that I Toledo sort out with all these club the society right now would you vote now cook thank you a great job man it didn't gives more than a that they do you could see more Joseph these behind the scenes access. At the top would have been on Nightline tonight.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"\"GMA\" gets exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to the designer's fashion presentation, plus fashion expert Joe Zee weighs in. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41936771","title":"Inside Look at Tom Ford's New York Fashion Week Show","url":"/GMA/video/inside-tom-fords-york-fashion-week-show-41936771"}