Intel Chief Dismayed over Information Leaks

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said no decision has been made on whether "the information is reliable."
1:23 | 01/12/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Intel Chief Dismayed over Information Leaks
So learning more about those unconfirmed claims that trump was targeted in a Russian effort to personally compromise have intelligence officials say the unconfirmed claims should not have been leaked. To the public our chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross is here has the latest what's wrong. Well good morning Robin the intelligence community this morning is offering a kind of apology to Donald Trump. With the Director of National Intelligence James clapper saying in a statement that he talked for Donald Trump overnight and shared his profound dismay about the leaks of information. Clapper said no decision had been made about whether the information is reliable but he went on to seemingly confirmed the trump had been brief saying. Part of our obligation is to ensure that policy makers are provided with the fullest possible picture. Any matters that might affect national security so was folk that being said. The FBI the CIA see what do they make of these current allegations or exactly a lost in all the back and forth at the news conference is the fact the FBI continues to investigate the allegations. ABC news has learned they were turned over by a former British spy that's now been identified as an employee of this London private security company. He's described as being well known to the FBI and reliable source of information in a number of past criminal investigations involving watch an organized crime. And corruption in the international soccer federation others so. So bottle on the investigation is continuing absolutely this time my friend thank impairment.

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{"duration":"1:23","description":"Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said no decision has been made on whether \"the information is reliable.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44728659","title":"Intel Chief Dismayed over Information Leaks","url":"/GMA/video/intel-chief-dismayed-information-leaks-44728659"}