Jack Hanna Celebrates 30th Anniversary With 'GMA'

Director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo shares his most memorable moments on "Good Morning America."
4:03 | 10/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jack Hanna Celebrates 30th Anniversary With 'GMA'
I want to behanna. I've said it for 30 years now. Ladies and gentlemen. Jack hanna. 30 years. We're so excited to be here. Come on, come on! The one and only. Jack, you started this whole thing, my friend. You made animals on television in way that people can understand them and want to help them androtect them. Let's take a look back. I know, but, he has to lick his armpit. The back legs are longer than the front legs ps. That's right. Reporter: For more than 30 years, jack hanna has been our link to some of the world's furriest, funniest creature. They steal my underwear. Let help go down your shirt. Let him go down my shirt? Reporter: He brings the wild to "gma." Fee lines, marsupials, reptiles, and primates the. On the lens of the camera. Great. Reporter: Some love the cameras more than others. It started back in 1983, when jack shows dpam the first twin gorillas born in human care in the western help fleer. Don't move. I won't move. Reporter: He's taught us so much more about nature. Watch it, lara. Watch it, lara. Reporter: Some moments stole our hearts. They carry certain diseases that -- well-timed jack. Let's get this monitor lizard out. Reporter: Others left us and the celebrities hanging around "gma" running for cover. Can I get some gloves. What? Each experience in 30 years had one thing in common. Our friend, jack. Amazing knowledge. Perfect timing. Let's welcome jack hanna. Thank you. Thank me. But if you think about, 30 years, the tense of millions of people you have reached to teach about conservation in america. The columbus zoo and the association of zoos can't thank you enough. Celebrating with some of the wonderful an analysis. What have you got? Hey. These are the fastest animals. We breed these an mr. And mrs. A cheetah is very endangerered. The black marx under their eyes reflect the light. If you look at the legs. The han mall grows this way. They look like a greyhound. They're running down everything on earth. A tiger kills a water buffalo. It happens in less than 30 seconds. These animals are not that strong. Who else do you have? Will these two like each other? Is there going to be an issue, like the sharks and the jets? "West side story" happening. Oh, no, he doesn't want to leave. We got a cat fight. Look at the paws on this thing. Appreciate these. These are in the species survival plan. Feel the fur there. Making noises. People did use these for coats. That's stopped. The animals are gorgeous. We have a special treat for you. Do the cats like cake? We couldn't not. We couldn't not. Buddy valastro, cake moss, made you a special wild cake to thank you for 30 incredible years. We're going to cut it. We'll be right back. Jack hanna.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"Director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo shares his most memorable moments on \"Good Morning America.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20492328","title":"Jack Hanna Celebrates 30th Anniversary With 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/jack-hanna-celebrates-30th-anniversary-gma-20492328"}