Jenna Elfman opens up about 'Imaginary Mary'

The actress discusses her role in the new ABC comedy.
4:22 | 03/29/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jenna Elfman opens up about 'Imaginary Mary'
And let's feel it. We have somebody special joining us. An actress I have loved for a long time. Very funny, very talented. Star of the new ABC comedy "Imaginary Mary," please welcome Jenna elfman. ??? Yay. Thank you. Yes. Good to see you. Don't want to get makeup on you. How are you? Thanks for having me. Hi. Mwah. Right here, okay. Get over here. Hi. Good morning, America. Good morning. You're good at that, by the way. When you said I'm going to say, good morning, America. You had somebody else with you. Somebody -- they not only have a very special friend, imaginary Mary co-stars with us right there. Come on. So excited. So, can you explain to our audience a little about Mary and the show idea. Yes, so, we always have a competition of who could be the most succinct in their description with the cast. Okay, so my character is a very successful pr for athletes. I like that. And but, you know, her childhood, her parents fought, it was kind of nasty, divorce and they were never there for her so she created this imaginary friend when she was 6 to kind of get her through then it went away when she became an adult. Does not want to have a relationship, doesn't want to have kids. That's a bad area for her. Doesn't want anything to do with it then falls in love with this guy despite herself and he's divorced with three kids. And so everything she fears and that makes her uncomfortable comes slamming up into her face and in this moment of stress, she -- her imaginary friend comes back and it's kind of like her good inner voice, her bad inner voice but really it's a family show and it's this love story, his kids are charming and unique and little oddballs and it's this journey of my character finding out what is a relationship and who am I as an expanded version of this -- ? Taking chances. Becoming a real woman. That was a wonderful description. Does everybody want to see more? You have an hour? Canceling would have been hard to explain. They are super suspicious and awful with change. They sound great. So, what should we do. Disney world. Fly to Disney world. That's a big swing. More of a huge vacation than a first meet. Gun range. Gun range. Gotcha. Something a crazy person would suggest. I meant to say burgers. Perfect. Maybe some mini golf. Sounds fun. Sounds awful. This has to be wonderful GLI challenging because not really there. Not really there, how do you do that. That's what interested me about the project. When we're rehearing we have a life-size puppet and a puppeteer who is talented and comedic actress on set doing the lines for rehearsal. You have to figure out where you're moving in the scene. Then they take her away when we film and I have to remember all the eye lines as she's moving and act with the other actors and remember where she is and kind of do stuff with her while engaging in physical comedy with the kids, physical comedy with Mary and I just was like at this point in my career it was like a nice extra challenge where I'm kind of pulling out all my tools, you know and I was like, wow, really engaged on set and I like the challenge. It's fun. Wanted to share with everybody not only does she have those tools but you are a classically trained dancer. I had a whole life before acting, yeah. I love you. Professional dancer. It was good. Dance is important. It gives you good self-confidence and I always recommend it. You carry yourself as a dancer. Walking around. Right. Difference dharma. I remember dharma. You do it all and you do it all well. Thanks, making. You can see "Imaginary Mary" tonight, it's tonight. Yes. 8:30 P.M. Eastern right here on ABC. And coming up -- is there Tuesdays. Tuesdays. Next week Tuesdays at 9:30 from there on out. I said can you do it all. Coming up, Katie Holmes is

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{"id":46435058,"title":"Jenna Elfman opens up about 'Imaginary Mary'","duration":"4:22","description":"The actress discusses her role in the new ABC comedy. ","url":"/GMA/video/jenna-elfman-opens-imaginary-mary-46435058","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}